Anyone have IMDB Pro? Possible Rome sequel?

I see that Bruno Heller & Ray Stevenson both have something called Rome In Development. Details are only on IMDB Pro. I know that In Development projects on IMDB are notoriously bogus or wishful thinking … so wondering if anyone with Pro membership can pass on details and if they look real.

According to Wikipedia, they’re making a Rome movie.

I hope they’re right as Rome was one of my favorite programs from recent years. I hope that James Purefoy (who played Mark Antony) and Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus) are in it.

Well … Marc Antony is definitely dead. We were told Vorenus died – they could wiggle out of it, but Kevin McKidd isn’t attached to it in IMDB.

I know. Based on the timeline, it will probably focus on Augustus. But Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo were such a great pair.

Indeed. The Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Roman Revolution.

Boy I need to rewatch! We own the first season, but I haven’t watched the show since it originally aired. We had netflixed season 1 after DH saw part of it in Iraq, so had to sign up for HBO just to see Season 2 (which also introduced us to the wonderful show Extras!). I loved Rome.

Both men had children (Pullo’s bastard Caeserion and Vorenus’s two daughters). :wink: They could pull the old identical descendants trick.

I hope this happens, too. I wish they had been able to compress a little less. Like, not rush the timeline so much, then we could have had more drama that happened a bit too fast in this movie.

The problem was that they had planned 5 or 6 seasons, and got the word while producing the middle of Season 2 that that season would be it. Season 2 was supposed to end with Brutus’s death, then the next couple of seasons were to be Antony & Cleopatra, then the last season was to get into Herod/Judea (which they were obviously setting up with Timon).

So, considering they had to compress what was to be about 3 seasons into one to get to Octavian’s triumph … shrug

I do agree that it was disappointing, though. I got whiplash during the last 3 or 4 eps.

Can you imagine if they had been able to do six seasons? Man, I miss that show!