Anyone have some good "first reaction" videos? (first reaction to hearing a piece of music .)

I just stumbled across this guy hearing Robin Trower’s Too Rolling Stoned for the first time. Apparently he has a YT channel devoted to this but I just watched this one as I’m a huge Trower fan. Does NOT have to be a positive reaction!

Nice! I haven’t heard that tune in years…thanks for that!

I like these guys:

How about people reacting to their own music? I don’t always expect a completely stony visage, but here Hiromi Uehara just breaks into a huge grin:

Teens react to Weird Al.

I found this one interesting. A guy reviews a barely remembered song from his childhood, actually listening to the lyrics for the first time:

This guy is good. One of the bands that blew him away was the Grateful Dead. He seems genuine, which is tough with these reviewers. Sometimes they really seem to be faking it just to hawk their merch. He has a unique workaround to the viewing of his videos that get blocked: The first comment is always left by him, and it’s a link to the review visible on a platform other than You Tube.

Do any of these reaction channels ever have negative reactions? Black people having positive reactions to classic rock is almost its own genre of Youtube video.

Yeah, I like Jamel/Jamal, he seems pretty genuine in his love of music in general and just about every song he listens to. I especially liked his reaction to Lola.

Justin Walker reacted very negatively to the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge.” He stopped short of being insulting to the fans, though. He’s pretty cool about stuff even when he doesn’t like a song.

I think Justin Walker is our favorite for this kind of thing. The utter confusion he has while listening to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody cracks me up. Because it is totally a “WTF” song and you don’t necessarily realize it until you see it through someone else’s eyes.

He seems… to have completely disappeared from YouTube.

I like this one a lot. I love David Pack, Michael McDonald and James Ingram. People don’t seem to like this kind of music anymore (hurts my heart!) so it is nice seeing Jamal enjoy it.

I like the Lost in Vegas guys, they have a lot of good videos. This one is pretty entertaining.

Two Rockin Grannies

I love their Rush reactions.

A classically trained flautist watching concert footage of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson performing and playing the flute.

I’ve listened to a few, and I like when they admit that they have heard a song before (or at least recognize parts of it).

Agreed, these guys are great. I especially like their Metallica reactions.

OP I thought of this thread when I saw this in my feed, since you had mentioned Robin Trower. Sometimes these kids seem a little dopey but sometimes they are insightful. Hope you enjoy their reaction to one of your favorite artists.

JD Beck (drums) and Domi Degalle (keys) are two jazz prodigies that are making quite an impression these days. Here’s a reaction video from a drum teacher:

Thanks for the recommendation. I watched their review of Heart and Alanis Morrisette and I really appreciate how they dug into the lyrics and picked up right away on the complexity of meaning in “Crazy On You.” The one for “You Oughta Know” had me laughing out loud.