Anyone having a Paypal verification issue?

Just restarted my eBay empire, and posted 8 or so listings last night. This morning, I check in, and half of them had been rejected, due to a “verification” limit issue with PayPal. So I go to Paypal, get “verified” by signing up for their credit card (I will never link my bank account to them), and then report. No dice. I linked and unlinked with ebay/Paypal, nothing.

I read elsewhere that this is problem affecting more than just me. Is anyone else experiencing this?

And, any suggestions on what to do now? I am losing potential sales as long as these listings don’t post. The “help” sections of both are a joke. Has anyone called any of the help numbers at Should I drive to ebay headquarters and pound on the doors and scream bad words?

I had a problem setting up my PayPal account and emailed them at the address given in the Help section. Received a personal reply within 2 days with a solution. I was rather impressed.