Is eBay currently down? (as of Monday, noon)

I wouldn’t normally post something so stupid, but I set up a PayPal account this morning and ever since paying for my first eBay purchase of the day via PayPal I cannot get into eBay at all.

I don’t know if eBay is having a problem (haven’t seen anything reported online yet) or if some cookie-bug-problem is keeping me out all of a sudden. Will someone please report back if they can get into eBay? Thanks.

(and don’t even post that you need my PayPal account number to see if it works!)

the link is:

if anyone wants to try for me. thanks.

I got in with no problem, H8_2_W8. No problems reported here, either;
Try again. Maybe you goofed up? :slight_smile:
I used your link, and it worked fine.