Anyone heard of Fed Ex restriction where they refuse to allow a package redirect to Fed Ex office?

This is the weirdest most bizarre shipping problem I’ve ever encountered. Fed Ex claims that somehow my shipper placed a restriction where the package must be delivered to my door and a signature. No rerouting to the Fed Ex shipping center.

:confused: WTH??? I’ve never heard of such nonsense in over 25 years of using Fed Ex.

I called my salesperson and he’s never heard of it either. He’s trying to contact his company’s shipping manager to see what insanity transpired.

has anybody heard of this bullshit? It makes no sense at all. There’s no difference in me showing ID and signing for a clerk at the Fed Ex office vs showing ID to a delivery driver at my doorstop.

The first hint of trouble was on the Fed Ex web site. Under tracking there is a button to customize delivery. under that there’s an option to redirect to their Office. It was grayed out. So I called and got the same bullshit from a phone rep. Some magical PITA option that nobody has ever heard of got marked by my shipper. Even my salesguy is mystified and is trying to reach his company’s shipping manager.

I’ve redirected dozens of packages to the FedEx Office Print & Shipping Center. It used to be Kinkos. They are open 24/7 and it’s very, very convenient to pick up packages there after I get off work.

Terrorist have to able to insure that the package will be opened at your address. FedEx is just accommodating a demand. :wink:

Is it a FedEx Same Day or FedEx First Overnight Delivery? Apparently, FedEx does not allow holds for those, looking online. They seem to be allowed for Express, Ground, and Home Delivery services only, if I’m reading the literature correctly.

Turns out there are three types of signature that can be specified. I don’t see anything that requires it to be only at the home. But that’s what the customer service rep said was required in my case. I had to get the shipper to call Fed Ex and get the package routed to the local Fed Ex office and held. They did that and I’m really hoping that’s what happens Friday. I want to pick it up there after getting off work.

this was Fed Ex Ground. I’ve had other packages held at the Fed Ex office with no problem. No one seems to know what changed with this package. I’m guessing the type of signature required had something to do with it.

I have trouble catching the Fed Ex guy even when I’m home. He knocks once and is walking back to his truck within 30 seconds. I’ll miss him if I’m not sitting right beside the front door. That dude is half way down the street by the time I can get from another room to my front door.

I had to jump in my car and chase the bastard down one time. I had burned a whole vacation day just for that delivery and had went into my bedroom to get something. Knock knock and he was gone. I caught him two blocks from my house. That’s another reason to just get packages sent to the Fed Ex office and held. Home delivery has become nothing but a PITA.

When Fed-Ex cannot deliver to me, they leave a “This is the final delivery attempt” notice with a phone number that puts you in voice-mail hell. The last time this happened I called the shipper who resent the package. A couple weeks later Fed-Ex called me to ask what to do with the package. I told them. I have also asked that shipper to never again use Fed-Ex.