Anyone held Captiva?

Not Captiva (the Bubble Room) Island, FL, but the Polaroid Captiva.

I know they’re still manufacturing the film for it, but I haven’t seen any cameras for sale in a while.

I had always meant to pick up one (I’m not really a camera collector, but I do like to pick up various models of Polaroids), but I “never got around to it.”

Anyone have one?

How does the quality compare to the other “mass-market” Polaroids (SX-70, 600 series, and Spectra)?

Oooh! Captiva!
I wouldn’t base my opinion of Captiva on The Bubble Room itself. What about The Mucky Duck, or The Green Flash, or Tween’Waters Inn? ::note to self - get to Captiva more often, you are only 30 minutes away::
Sorry that I can’t help you wiht the camera, but I couldn’t resist posting about Captiva Island. When were you there?

May '98–and coincidentally, I DID make it to the Mucky Duck and the Green Flash. Not familiar with the “Tweenwaters Inn,” though.

I also liked Iguana Mia. I wanted to try out The Mad Hatter, but there just wasn’t enough time. Are you familiar with it? I had no idea what the fare was like, but he’s one of my favorite characters from literature.

I wanted to go to Sanibel Brewing, also, but I had only so long there. Not that I drink–I just collect t-shirts, and I’ve noticed that microbreweries often have really neat shirts.

BTW–speaking of which, I meant to pick up a shirt from Iguana Mia, but never got around to it. If you’re ever near one, pick one up for me, and let me know how much–you’ll be handsomely compensated for your trouble.

(We had had Captiva/Sanibel on our vacation list for over 5 YEARS–last year was the first time. A return visit is much in order for next year.)

Oh, and, OK about the camera–I think there are probably a lot more people familiar with the island than the camera.

I’m opening a new thread for Sanibel/Captiva… you can talk about your camera now.