anyone here a fan of Hercules Returns?

Are there any non-Australians who ‘get’ this movie? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that can compare to it, what with so many double entendres and memorable lines.

One of my favourite movies: B-grade, corny, adlibbed, original characters… [sigh]…

Anyone else a fan of this movie?!

You are, of course, talking about the Australian over-dubbing of the old Steve Reeves movie, right? “Oii ammm…HERK-yew-LEEZE-uhhhh…”

Brilliant movie. Poorly distributed. I’ve managed to see it twice in my life, once on cable somewhere and once on a bootleg videocassete that a friend has. I think plenty of Americans would “get it”, but not many will ever get a chance to see it.

“Ohhhh MIGHT-eyyy ZEW-sssuhhhh, myyyy FATH-er-uhhhhh…” (chuckle)

Yes, that’s the one. I’ve seen it sold in some stores in cheap bins (where I got my copy).

It’s just got some many great lines:

“What’s that man doing with his hands all over my labia?”

“Teste, teste, teste…”

and many more that I’ve forgotten