Hercules - the 2014 film (Open spoilers)

I saw this film the other evening and enjoyed it. As a film, it’s very formulaic, but there’s some great scenery chewing by some of the actors, John Hurt in particular.

I was disappointed early on: they started off fine by using chariots, but later had riders with stirrups. The names of Hercules’s crew will be instantly familiar to anyone with even a modest knowledge of Greek myth.

Over here, the film is classified as 12A, and while there’s plenty of Thud and Blunder, there’s very little gore.

There’s a good deal of humour aimed at adults.

I saw it this last weekend. It was better than I expected, although as the OP said, it was a little formulaic.

One thing that I noticed, well I guess failed to notice, then inferred afterwards: Dwayne Johnson has become a decent actor. Usually in his movies I notice him “acting” and just put it down to “well, he’s not in the movie for his acting”.

In this movie, I DIDN’T notice his “acting”, which led me to think that he actually did a pretty good acting job… since I didn’t notice it. That’s probably not very clear. :slight_smile:

The scenery was very good, and the special effects were also enjoyable. I’d say go for it on the big screen.


Now you mention it, you’re right.