Anyone here a Google Calendars guru?

I have two calendars with Google Calendars. The first is the default you get when you start, the second is one I created for Dan and I to share.

Problem is, I can’t seem to add events to the shared one. They always go onto the default one. I’ve tried adding events while the shared one is visible and the default one is hidden, but what it does is un-hide the default one and add the event there.

What is weird is that I used to be able to add events to it, but now I can’t. And you can’t delete your default (“primary”) calendar. This has gotten to where I basically think Google Calendars is a 100% useless tool for me… but it had so much potential that I’m hoping I’m just doing it wrong somehow. Anyone use this and know the solution?

Are you using the drop down tab when you create your event? At the bottom of the event maker window, it’ll say “calendar” under where, when, etc. But you have to go in the window, otherwise if you just stay on the main calendar page, it’ll go to default.

If you are on the main calendar page and you click a time, (I’m not sure if this is the same as what you were talking about, fisha), a speech bubble thing opens up. This is kind of the quick add type thing. Under the title of the event and the example title they give you, there is a pull-down menu labeled “which calendar” that will show all of your calendars.

If you add something to the wrong calendar, just open the event and change the selection in the pull-down menu (where fisha said: under “what” “when” and “where”).

Good luck! I love google calendar.

Here is an illustration of what everyone said above. I had trouble with it at first too.


Hope you’re doing well in your new city, Opal!!

I don’t have that on mine. I get the quick add bubble, and it has (top to bottom, left to right):

Fri, July 13, 9 - 10am
What: [__________________________]
e.g., Breakfast at Tiffany’s
[Create Event] edit event details »
And I don’t see any calendar choice dropdown on the edit event page, either. :frowning:

I’m using Firefox 2 under Vista, if that matters…?

Go to edit event details, that’ll bring up the window.

That is what I meant by the “edit event page”. It isn’t there.

Huh. Well, if it was working before, and you knew how to use it, but something changed, I got nothing.

Have you tried to add another calendar to your default one?

Huh. Well, if it was working before, and you knew how to use it, but something changed, I got nothing.

Have you tried to add another calendar to your default one?

I don’t have any advice to offer, but I can assure you that it’s not a Firefox 2/Vista issue. I am running the same browser/OS combination, and have no problems with managing multiple calendars.

Sorry I can’t offer any actual help…

(sorry for going “poof”, my laptop went belly up for a while, plus I’m traveling right now)

Well I’m glad it’s not a Firefox/Vista issue, because I get itchy when I have to actually launch IE :shudder:

I have poked around every nook and cranny of every page, popup, bubble, etc that I can get to and I have no dropdown anywhere (or any other selection method) for choosing between the two calendars. I’m getting frightfully close to having to do the lip-wobble.

Can you send me a screenshot of the google calendar page?

Another solution that my girlfriend and I do, is that each of us manages our own personal calendar with shifts, appointments, our family’s birthdays etc and ‘shares’ it with the other. That way you can look at just your own calendar or both calendars together.

To address your question specifically, be sure you’re logged in under the address that was used to make that calendar initially. Or check the ‘share’ settings to make sure you have access to ‘view and modify’ using the email you are already signed in with.

Certainly! Just tell me what view(s) you want me to have up when I take the screenshot(s).

Just a weekly one, when you click on that day, and the little window that pops up to add an event. I’ll be in and out tonight, so be a little patient.