Anyone here a "truther" or "birther"?

I’m neither, BTW

“Birther”=Think Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii
“Truther”=Think 9/11 was an “inside job”

IMO, the “birthers” are abject racists. “Truthers” only exist because of the believe that FDR “Allowed” Pearl Harbor to happenas na excuse to enter WWII

Yes. You’ll find them in Great Debates.

IANAT, but every time I see that video where the news is whispered in the President’s ear and he smirks and nods I freak out. A very strange response.

I know we’ve had a few drive-by Truthers in GD, but have people admitted to being Birthers as well?

Don’t know about “admitted” but I’ve recently seen two who have at least questioned authenticity of the birth certificate.

I lean strongly against both, but I’m a bit wary of majority groupthinking along the lines of All Right-Thinking People Should Think This. That kind of system encourages people to jump on board the consensus just so that they can be considered “right-thinking,” and discourages the kind of independent investigation that we all like when it’s our belief that’s in the minority.

So yeah, truthers and birthers are probably wrong (though I’m open to evidence either way), but the response is to refute arguments, not simply jeer at the yokels, which is a bit of tribalism that is all too common even among normally intelligent and truth-seeking people.

We definitely have “truthers” on the board. I know it’s amazing anyone can believe such odd things, but it’s true.

I think that is admitting it. It’s not like people call themselves Birthers or Truthers.