The "Birthers" are maggots!

I’m sure this has been Pitted before, but I just have to get this off my chest- THE “BIRTHERS” ARE MAGGOTS! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: While they most certainly have a right to hold their stupid beliefs, just like the Flat Earthers, etc., I’m sickened that they’re taken as seriously as they are in large sectors of American society. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the citizenship/birthplace of the first President of color is being questioned so. For the most part, it seems that these tinfoil hatted fools can’t accept that Obama has been legitimately elected as President and are really grasping at straws. These are often the same baboons who think that Obama is actually a Muslim (since don’t you know that anyone with the middle name Hussein must belong to Al Qaeda!) People need to stick to the issues and get a serious life. Their racism/xenophobia/reaction to the modern world isn’t disguised at all! And I hope Obama doesn’t even deign to respond to these dirty inbred maggots. They don’t deserve a response. No matter what Obama says or does it won’t satisfy them. It’s like trying to reason with folks who accuse people of witchcraft. :rolleyes:

Oh come on, any movement given credence by Sarah Palin herself can’t be all bad, can it?

Well, it is a fair question— if one left-leaning blog requested proof that Trig is Palin’s son (which she has never produced), isn’t it also fair game for Obama’s Presidential legitimacy to be questioned by Palin, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Michael Savage, WorldNet Daily, a host of conservative talk radio hosts, and a number of prominent Republican politicians (despite clear evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii)? Aren’t we entitled to a little tat for Palin’s tit?

Perhaps, but it’s unconstitutional to ask it.

I can’t imagine Palin getting a tat on her tit.

I can. I would be surprised if she doen’t already. As well as a tramp stamp reading “All aboard!” <shudder>

The problem is that there has been a myriad of proof shown by Obama, The Govenor of HI, the Sec of State of HI, two Hawaiian newspapers the list goes on and they still try to claim this. Can’t say the same for Palin.

You are giving maggots a bad name.

A friend of mine thinks Obama was born in Kenya. She’s not making the accusation, she just heard someone else do so and believed it. The poisoning of the public discourse makes me sad.

I say let’ em waste their time as much as they want with their idiotic fantasy; it might at least keep them from other mischief. The facts is the facts, even if 20% of the population or whatever is too fucking stupid or pigheaded to accept them. In any event, if it weren’t for this, they’d find some other reason to demonize Obama.

It’s okay. Years before the story broke, I was *sure *I heard squeaking coming from Richard Gere’s anus.

Why were you listening at Richard Gere’s anus?

I just KNEW Obama was getting his marching orders from the Klingons!

I’m wondering, what has the oily taint been up to?

PLEASE be murder-suicide with Paris Hilton PLEASE be murder-suicide with Paris Hilton…


I think the birthers and teabaggers are hilarious. Let Palin be their leader and let all that silly shit be their platform. They got nothing.

On another site I read some Republican groused about this: Britian gets Thatcher and we get this?

As an ACLU card carrying liberal, I guess I should consider myself lucky-- but I don’t.

Aw, man, here I thought we were getting some fresh new ranting to sink our teeth in, but no, more US American politics. Sigh.

As opposed to US Armenian politics?

Well, just “American” politics could reasonably be taken to mean the politics of the Americas.