Anyone here a Windows XP guru?

Does anyone know how I can change the size and/or resolution of the icons in the notification area of the taskbar (ie the power, volume, connection icons etc)

I don’t know exactly, but it is related to the size of the caption buttons (the three control buttons at the right-hand side of the caption bar of most windows) - I reduced the size of my caption buttons and my tray icons are now smaller; the odd thng is that sometimes they appear as a double row of icons and other times they line up in a single row.

What exactly are you trying to achieve ? Accordinly we can think up some alternatives.

Here’s one option:

Control Panel / Display / Appearance / Advanced / Item: Caption Buttons.

Type in the size you want to change to.

Thanks. That solved the size problem, but the icons are still very blocky and low-res.

This is a new computer and I’ve been playing around with the settings trying to make things look the way I like them. Everything else on the screen is a nice pretty hi-res apart from these icons.

Ideas? Any help greatly appreciated…

I don’t think there’s any way around the blockiness; the icon is embedded in the actual program and, unlike with shortcuts, there doesn’t seem to be a way of persuading Windows to use a different one.

Slight hijack but I don’t think it really needs its own thread. Is there any way to change all of the “Titles” in Windows Explorer to “Icons”? I know how to manually do individual folders by clicking on the Views button in the taskbar, but I don’t know how to make it universal…

Tools>Folder Options>View>Apply to all folders