Anyone here done the Wonderland Trail?

Checking if anyone has done the Wonderland Trail?

Considering it for 2021 if I lose some gut and am in better shape. Like to hear experiences. And if you can compare with the PCT Section J (Alpine Lakes Wilderness from Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass).

As always, thanks in advance.

Did it with my parents, but it was about 30 years ago, so I’m not sure how much useful info I can offer. My recollection is that we took about ten days to do it, starting/finishing at Mowich Lake. The trail was good - well groomed, well graded - but with lots of elevation change every day. We carried most our food (dehydrated backpacking stuff), but ISTR encountering one or more places where we were able to buy food, as well as a couple of campgrounds with plumbing.

I’ve hike a very small section of it. Friends have done the full loop and raved about it. Enjoy!

machine_elf, that’s really helpful. I’ve watched a couple of youtube videos, and it sure looks like a very well groomed trail for the most part. Yes, there is a lot of elevation involved, but the trails seem to be for the large part very well groomed packed earth.

Section J of the PCT had horrendous sections of crossing miles of trail consisting of fist sized rocks. A section toward the Snoqualmie end was something like a 6 or 8 mile traverse trail made of tailings. Man, that was a brutal slog exposed to the sun with zero water. At the end of which, we encountered a mountain goat on the trail that kinda made it A OK.

I’m pretty sure I can average at least 2 miles / hour or minimum 15 miles per day on the Wonderland. And if I lose the 15 pounds I’m carrying right now on my gut, I’ll be decently set up to do a 6-7 night curcum-navigation.