Anyone here driven for Zoomer? Need answer fast.

They’re an app based delivery service like Uber, but they deliver food and maybe other stuff too instead of passengers.

But they move lightning fast compared to Uber. I just heard of them yesterday from a co-worker and filled out a short application. Today they replied and asked me to provide information for a background check. Five minutes after I replied they told me I passed the background check and want to interview me this evening. About all they had time to confirm was that I’m not on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

I know almost nothing about how they operate or what their reputation is, and almost nothing seems to be available online. Well, except for 1 site that has maybe 6 total comments about equally split between good and bad opinions.

Can they transport alcohol? I had an idea for Beers On Wheels to help elderly shut-in alcoholics, but found it could not be done legally in PA.

Sorry, I’m looking for answers, not more questions.

I’m not going to drive for Zoomer because of two things. The first is that they expect their drivers to commit to several 4-hour driving shifts a week in advance, and the second is that the drivers have to deal with the customers over payments.

I already have a 40 hour a week job, and the stress level on any given day isn’t real predictable. With Uber and Lyft, I can just skip driving on any particular day or week. Or for instance, I can pick up just a few riders and stop driving when one of their destinations brings me back close to my own home. Not an option with Zoomer. And while I’m not particularly worried about getting robbed in Madison, I do not want to have to deal directly with any disputes over the costs of the orders.