Ask America's newest Uber driver.

Ok, I’m probably not the newest one now, but I drove for two fairly brief periods on Saturday, totaling just over 2 hours. I averaged almost exactly $40 an hour, which I think is very good for basically unskilled part-time work. We’ll see if it keeps up.

What rating did you give your fares, and why?

I gave all my fares 5 stars because none of them gave me any trouble. I have a 5 star rating because only 2 of them bothered to rate me at all. One guy reeked of cigarette smoke, but he never tried to light up, so he got 5 stars too.

So, can we request you as a driver? I’m assuming not, but some people think you can request a driver you’ve had before on a particular shift.

Or maybe I’ll try “Hi, I need a ride home… from someone who can critique my idea for a novel on the way.”

Right on.

I had a house guest for a few months who Ubered to make a few extra bucks before he moved back home. He would only work Thurs-Sat, 9pm-3am to cash in on all the bar closings. While nobody ever puked IN his car, a couple puked just outside. One chick had to have her friends pull her pickled carcass out of the car when they finally got to their destination. He seemed to enjoy having the crazy stories. And tho I never asked him how much he made, he said he usually made his goal for the night within a few hours. I hope you have good/fun experiences as well!

Not as far as I know without some specific pre-arrangements. The app connects up the rider to the nearest driver – don’r know for sure if that’s measured by distance or by estimated travel time. I rather imagine the former.

Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi for me. No Pepsi for YOU!

Did you provide any water or similar for your fares? Did you dress nicely or just go casual?

Any run-ins with cab drivers? I’m guessing not because of the low sample size, but I do wonder if that ever comes into play.

How do you feel about Uber drivers unionizing? Would you vote to form an Uber drivers’ union in your city, or join one if it were formed?