Am I screwed as an Uber passenger with one bad review?

I use Uber for business, and have had no issues until yesterday. I tried to cancel a trip, but it didn’t go through for unknown reasons (I suspect a bad internet connection). So the driver didn’t get the cancellation, shows up and then texts me to find out where I am. I text back that I’m so sorry, the cancellation apparently didn’t take and I’ll do it again. I do, I get a $5 fee and I text my apologies again.

Last night I tried to do another ride and nobody picked it up. It was late, so I thought there were no drivers around. But my traveling partner tried and instantly got a driver to show up. So I’m thinking I got a bad review and was declined. Anything I can do about this?

How low is your rating? If you’ve been ubering for a while and you got one bad rating it’s not going to make your rating so low as to give you a problem.

As a driver, I don’t even get to see your rating so it’s useless.

Maybe the app knows.

So what’s the purpose of the rating system?
Seriously–I don’t get it.
I thought the rating was a sort of safety check for both the driver and the passenger.
disclaimer: I’ve never used Uber, since it doesn’t exist in my city.
(the taxi companies here have a lot of political clout)

What? I’ve had drivers show me my rating more than once.