Can an Uber driver see the passenger's rating of the driver before rating the passenger?

A friend of mine wants to give her recent uber driver the lowest possible rating, but is hesitant to do so because she fears he will, in retaliation, give her a low rating as well.

Does the system Uber uses allow for this kind of retaliatory rating?

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Also, 90% of drivers don’t give a crap what her rating is.

Also, 90% of drivers don’t give a crap what *their *rating is.

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I was under the impression Uber drivers would be terminated if their average rating fell below a certain point.

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Is posting a rating an absolute requirement?

No, but she felt what he did was bad enough to warrant the action. (Basically, he took her in for $20, “accidentally” turning a 1/2 mile drive into a several mile drive by “accidentally” taking several wrong turns.)


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IIRC, a rider can’t request a new ride until they review the previous driver.

When I looked into this a while back (a year?), I learned that the drivers receive a summary of ratings on a weekly basis and that they cannot tell who gave which rating.

I know we have some drivers on board, though, who can confirm.

I’ve taken Uber several times and never reviewed a driver to my knowledge. I just opened the app now (I took a ride last week) and I don’t see anything stopping me from ordering a ride.

Right, it will harass you a bit to review the driver, but you can bypass it.

Evidently in Uber’s early days, a driver could immediately see a passenger’s rating for them, but not any more. According to the Quora answers here, all the drivers can see are the average ratings over various time ranges. Drivers can kind of game it by looking after the first ride of the day or calculating the rise/drop in the average after a ride. But otherwise, they can’t link a specific rating to a rider. Just wait a few hours after the ride to rate them, and you’re fine.

Yah, the only thing I see is in my email receipt, where on the very bottom, there’s a small area where I can rate my driver. And that’s the only mention I see of ratings. The app itself hasn’t nagged me. Maybe I don’t use it often enough and it just expires. No push notifications or anything like that, either.

Your friend should complain instead of worrying about rating the driver. Uber keep a GPS record of each journey. If it confirms what you say they will very likely refund her.

I’m pretty sure the route is shown in the email receipt.

No, the driver can’t see what rating any particular rider gave. No, the rider doesn’t have to rate the driver at all – however, if there’s no rating, it counts as a 5.

The driver, however DOES have to rate the passenger. We can’t go onto another drive until we do.