Anyone here ever cooked with an ostrich egg?

Apparently I could obtain one within the $30-40 range. The farmer avers that they will feed 18-20 people with a single-egg omlet.

Has anyone here ever cooked with an ostrich egg before? How did that turn out? Was the taste worse than, equal to, or superior to that of a typical store bought chicken egg? Were people enthralled by the exotic egg you labored to bring to their tummies or were they disgusted by your wanton disrespect for the potential hatchings of one of the majestic Great Birds? Did it approximate the effect of this:

Please share your stories and impressions.

I’ve not, but my wife has told me about her experience when her mother cooked with an ostrich egg. See, my brother in law invested in ostriches. In order to protect the hatchlings, he even brought them to the house so their parents wouldn’t crush them (apparently ostriches are kind of dumb). One day, he brought home to his mother and family an ostrich egg. They made small hole, and drained the inner matter, and scrambled it. Now one thing about Mexican scrambled eggs is, they don’t get scrambled with just salt and pepper and cream (what? You don’t add cream?). They get scrambled with any combination of salsas, breakfast meats, or relishes (which they call sauces, too). Most of the flavor of Mexican scrambled eggs (to my gringo taste buds) comes from these additions.

In short, my wife reports that they tasted like normal scrambled eggs.

Oh, I should also add that like many Europeans, Mexicans don’t refrigerate their chicken eggs. This has a definite (but not unpleasant) affect on the flavor of chicken eggs, so I imagine that an ostrich egg would taste less like a normal, refrigerated American or Canadian supermarket egg.

I have the empty egg shell on display in my house in Michigan.

I’ve always heard that they’re nearly indistinguishable from chicken eggs.

They’ve said as much on Top Chef, or one of those other cooking shows.

They taste like chicken eggs (more so than, say, duck or quail eggs do). Have them scrambled, it’s the only feasible way (unless you have 10 people who like whites only, and another 10 who only eat yolk).

They’re hardly exotic here. More expensive individually than the equivalent amount of chicken eggs, so I’ve only cooked them once, so far.

Never eaten ostrich eggs, but I’ve had plenty of goose, turkey, duck, and quail eggs. Maybe my palate is lacking, but to me all eggs taste more or less the same.

I would think something like that is just begging to be made into a quiche. Or quiches.

never had one but I would love to get one to try … I see a giant omelet =)

Not an ostrich, but I once had an emu egg. I had several that I was blowing for hollow eggs, and decided to cook the freshest one.

After I made small holes in both ends and stirred the insides completely with a curved wire, I emptied it into my largest skillet and it was filled to the top. The color was a richer color by far when compared to chicken eggs, and the taste was much more like duck or even goose. It took at least 15 minutes to cook, and I had to take care not to scorch the egg. After I ate about 10% of it, I was stuffed.

Tip of the Day: Make sure you don’t have a hiatal hernia before you blow large eggs like emu or ostrich…It will certainly make your hernia worst.

This reminds me of my favourtie egg joke from Burns & Allen

Gracie) Would you like an egg for breakfast

George) No

Gracie) It’s the real thing George, pre-Pearl Harbor

George) No thanks

Gracie) But eggs are good for you, they’re full of vitamins and protein and baby chickens

…And now back to your regularly scheduled thread :slight_smile:

Don’t cook them in the microwave:

Sorry, repeat.