Anyone here ever introduced their parents to drugs?

By “drugs” I mean the kind of stuff the “just say no” commercials were talking about.

Every now and then, I think up a situation which seems very unlikely, and wonder for a few minutes whether it’s ever actually happened. Just an odd habit of mine.

I happened to think up this situation while sitting in front of a loaded up SDMB page, and thought, hey, why not see if it’s ever happened?

So. The situation is: Parent decides s/he wants to try some illegal narcotic and/or hallucinogen, or whatever, for the first time. Parent is aware parent’s child could get access to this for them. Parent asks child for access to said substance.

Hey, it could happen. Anyway, it could make a plot for an episode of a TV show, at least. But I think it could also really happen.

I wonder whether it’s happened to anyone here.


When I was in college in the '60s, my father asked me several times whether I could get him some marijuana. I didn’t do it, though. My dad was messed up enough with the prescription drugs and alcohol that he abused. More mind-altering substances he did not need.

More “re-introduced” than introduced. They grew up in the '60s. It’s not like I was showing them anything they hadn’t already tried a few times on their own.

My mother was a secretary for a judge in the '70’s. She wanted to try pot, and convinced the guy I was dating to bring her some. She insisted that we smoke it with her, so we did.

I will never, ever forget my little bitty tiny dignified mother sitting in the middle of the living room floor giggling, swearing she didn’t feel a thing. She also ate more that night that I ever saw her eat at one sitting in my entire life.

The next morning she told me she loved it and wished like hell it was legal - it was the best night’s sleep she had had in years. She never did it again, though.

I was is the room when my uncle tie to talk my grandmother into smoking a jay for her arthritis. When grandma politely declined, my uncle tried to get Mr. AdopaMom to agree with him that it would help her. Wisely, Mr. AdoptaMom stayed clear of that discussion and changed the subject to home repairs.

I came home from school one weekend and looked in the “secret place” that my mother kept cookies/brownies (hiding them from my father) and found some brownies. Yeah, brownies! Took a bite and went “Yech, these are nasty!” and spit them out. Told my mother-“Ya know, Mom, thoses brownies have gone BAD!” And she said "Oh, NO!, you didn’t eat those did you?, they have marijuana in them!

Turns out, she wanted to know what the big deal was about marijuana, wanted to try some. So she asked my brother to get some, and he did . I don’t know why she didn’t smoke it, (she was a smoker), but I guess my brother was not a smoker, so they made brownies. The story goes that the two of them were sitting at the dining room table, and my mother says "I’VE GOT IT! I FIGURED OUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS HOUSE! THERE ARE TOO MANY CONTAINERS! (she was born in 1919, so she grew up with bushel baskets and wooden crates, glass jars and such and in her later life was very fond of plastic tubs and tupperware and not wanting to throw anything away that could be used again)

This hasn’t happened to me, but my friend’s mom plans to smoke pot with him on her 50th birthday, because she’s always wondered what its like.

In high school I had a friend whose father turned their second bathroom into a greenhouse. He grew quite a lot of pot in there. I never smoked pot and if I did I certianly wouldn’t have asked my parents if they wanted a hit. I liked not being grounded. :wink:

I ‘got’ my mom and mother in law onto Prozac.


Ihaven’t, but on a long cross-country drive, my grandparents revealed that one of my aunts had given them some pot in a vain attempt to get my (notoriously hyper) grandfather to calm down. They said they tried it, but didn’t see what the big deal was. The whole discussion really fried my squeaky-clean 18-year-old brain.

My dad smoked it in the early 70s with his brothers, but I smoke it with him a few times a year now. I also copped pot for his boss, who had a chronic pain issue. I’d roll up a bunch of doobies and my dad, The Mule, would bring them downtown in his briefcase and make the exchange. His boss was a stodgy old North Shore Rich Guy. The whole scenario always made me chuckle.

Well this was after I was an adult (22ish) but yeah. (kind of)
My pops got to talking one day about when he was a hippy he used to go out to the cow fields and pick mushrooms.yadda,yadda, yadda.

Me and my brother proceeded to tell the old man that those weren’t shit compared to the Hydro-shrooms WE could get.

He evidently saw this as a challenge and told me to go get us some. (“And we’ll see by God” were his exact words.)

I did and we all triped together.

What was even MORE funny is Mom came home from her business trip a day early right at the apex of my Dad’s trip.

She wasn’t at all pleased to see Dad trip’n.

Me and my brother couldn’t stop laughing to save our lives.
In my Mom’s defence; About ten minutes of giving my Dad shit she soon chilled out and saw the humor in it herself. He hadn’t done anything like that in over 25 years.

BTW, Dad capitulated that OUR shrooms were better.

I haven’t but my brother did.

Scenario - my mother’s cousin wanted to try cannabis and asked her niece to get some for her. It turned out that my parents were also interested in trying it. So, on Mum’s birthday, Mum’s cousin came along with some hash, and as my brother was also visiting for the birthday, they asked him to do the skinning up.

According to my brother, he was getting happily wasted but the others claimed to feel no effect. No, not much. Dad grumpily said “this is having no effect whatsoever. Anybody else feeling a bit peckish? I think I’ll make some sandwiches” and then made an enormous amount of sandwiches and, for people claiming to feel no effect, I’m told, there was a lot of laughing and a serious case of the munchies. :slight_smile:

Oh and when Mum wrote to thank me for whatever I had sent for a birthday present, she merely mentioned that her cousin had brought along some “Black Magic” (a brand of chocolate assortment) which seemed quite funny when I later heard the true story from my brother. (I think my parents didn’t know that I was also familiar with the stuff, so didn’t mention it to me)

I would have loved to have gotten my dad into grass. It would have made his last few years much more bearable, for him and everybody else.

Do in-laws count? Mr. Armadillo’s mom is coming to visit in a couple weeks, and his sister has been trying to talk me into err… broaching the subject with their mom since she (SIL-armadillo) was here, a few weeks ago. I can’t imagine how one would go about starting that conversation, though :wink:

Whip out a doobie, light it up, and pass it to her. She might take a pass on the first round, but the dialogue has started and cannot be ignored.


My parents are both potheads. It runs in the family. I just introduced them to a friend of mine who sold it.

However, I did introduce my mom to acid, also by accident. I’ve never done acid, but I traded a guy I knew for it because the idea of him on acid kinda freaked me out, and I gave the acid-soaked papers (no idea what the slang is for that shit) to my dad, who then decided to slip 'em to my mom. THAT was some funny shit.

My parents introduced ME to pot, though.


A couple of years ago my mom’s neighbor was dying at home from brain cancer and some other stuff. She was in misery and not eating and conventional medicine wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

My mid 70 year old mom looked at my very seriously and said, “Do you know where I can buy some pot?”

“If you sent me to a public school instead of a catholic one, sure. But you raised me to be a good girl. So no spliff for you.”

Similar to SHAKES’ story: Before I graduated from high school a friend of mine had a stepdad who always had a pile of bad shake he’d get from his friends, which the kid and his friends would liberally help themselves to if they were low (stems, seeds, generally awful but FREEE!!!) – the stepdad and the kid were aware that each other smoked but there was some sort of detente and just agreed that it wouldn’t be brought up to perturb the mother. My friend was given a vast chunk of hashish for graduation that another friend had picked up somewhere or other, and so a small chunk of it was left in the stepdad’s stashbox as evening-up/ payment for all the shake. We walked into the friend’s house one afternoon a few days later, and here was the stepdad VERY pleased and relaxed in an armchair, like, completely paralyzed and slightly surprised. “Hehhhhhhh. . . that’s really good shit. . .”

I know of a few cases where the parents had never done drugs and were given a sample by their kids. Usually marijuana, usually just once, often at the insistence of the kid (“just try it once”), sometimes without the parent’s knowledge or consent (try a brownie, grandma).