Anyone here play Call of Duty online?

Anyone here play Call of Duty online?

I’ve been playing online for a few months (on my PS2). I’d never played an online game before, but I got addicted to this one. I play online as “Daddy” most of the time. If you play, what handle(s) do you use?

A few questions:

I don’t behave like a dick (killing my own teammates and so on) yet sometimes I get kicked (even after I’ve been playing for a while). I realize that if I’ve wandered into a game with one or both sides from an established clan, they may be looking to limit the participants to select groups. What are some other reasons I might suddenly get kicked.

What are the differences between the PS2 and PC online versions?

Should I get a headset to communicate with other players?

Why are the Search and Destroy games less popular?