Anyone here remember Percy Ross?

That was back in the day when one had to put pen to paper and actually write something that meant something, then fold the letter, put it in an envelope, lick a stamp and stick it on the envelope that you had to put in a mail box and hope for magic.

I wish a few would step up and bring this back.

anyone have the address for Steve Job’s estate?

You want people to bring back handwritten letters?

As far as I can recall, I never heard of him. Looking at the Wiki (which had the actual information about the guy and not just a weirdly non sequitur paean for handwritten letters) I assume you are wishing that some rich people would start giving away money to random supplicants?

Heck – I not only send via USPS several handwritten notes and cards almost every week but I write them with a fountain pen. Can I get extra points for that? :slight_smile:

Oh, I remember reading his column in the local paper when I was a kid/young adult.

You kids and your modern shortcuts. I keep a flock of geese from which I make my own quill pens.

I loved Percy and wished I could play real-life Queen for a Day like him. But my plans, were I to win the Lotto, are distressingly Lutheran/hippy. Wife wanted to start a chain of free ESL schools. I’m good with that.

I didn’t remember his name, but I did remember the “Thanks a Million” column. I recall thinking it was kind of icky and exploitative. I commend him for giving away his money. I was just uncomfortable with parading people’s personal tragedies around for self aggrandizement.

I also heard more than once that he did not give anonymous gifts. No publicity = no donation.

Nope, never heard of him.

Slightly off topic, but I don;t think I’ve ever met anyone named “Percy” (first name anyway).

Yeah, why not? I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there in need who are able to put their thoughts together who won’t ask for help because they’re not sure where to even ask for help.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more folks with money and resources who are themselves philanthropists got a little more involved in where and to whom the cash flows?

Supplicants, really?

I’ve done that but only at Old Fort Niagara for recreational and educational purposes. :slight_smile: