Anyone Here Use LightScribe For Your CDs and DVDs?

Just wondering, as I’ve never used it. At about a buck a CD I don’t think I’ll be using them anytime soon.

Anyone out there use them? Any problems with them

Comments? Thoughts? Opinons?

(Note: I put this hear as you use CDs and DVDs to burn movies and music, so this seems appropriate, please move to IMHO if needed)

I like them for my archival stuff, or stuff I am giving to a friend, as the labels can never fall off/smear/get lost. Great for labeling work files so the boss doesnt lose the labels and insist I never gave him the data…

If it is a disc of MP3 for in my car disc player, I dont bother as I record 6 assorted mixes and shove them in and listen until I am bored, then give them to mrAru and burn 6 more.

I have used it…cant remember the details…but I haven’t used it since one of my CD’s that were light scribed faded…and cant see what was scribed on it.

I think I went over to a printer that printed on the CD…but since I couldn’t afford the printer ink anymore…:rolleyes:

I’ve used about every way to put printing on a CD over the years.

I finally gave up and just use a sharpie.

As far as lightscribe, you have to buy the premium software to do anything other than words in Ariel format. I think I managed a pic on one…but was uninteresting.

I use it, but I’m not all that impressed. The image quality is so-so, at best, but it’s cute when I send DVDs of my kids to their grandparents, and some of my clients are wowed by it.

A LightScribe drive came with came with my computer when I bought it and they included a sample disc so I figured I’d give it a try. It looked ok when it was done but it took 30-45 minutes to finish. That’s way too long to put a label on a cd. Maybe the newer ones are faster but I was unimpressed.

Last I checked, my sharpies were working just fine. I think I’ll stick to my sloppy handwriting.

I use them for my clients, for the “wow” effect. BTW, you can “scribe” more than once to enhance the effect, but the time it takes isn’t worth it to me.