Anyone in Louisville, KY?

I’ll be spending Xmas and New Year’s with friends in Louisville in the glorious Blue Grass State.

I’ve been there a few times, but not since '99, so I’m out of the loop.

I would like to know where the “scene” places are these days. Restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Particularly a fun place to spend New Year’s Eve as we’re not going to a private party.

Sooooo, what’s doin’ in Louisville???

I’m very close, but I’m married with children and have no social life, so I doubt I’d be much help.

Jillian’s is fun.
Used to go to Spring Street fairly often.
The Granville Inn?
I have friends who hang out at the Mag(nolia) Bar.

Well, I live in Spencer county, and all I know is… STAY AWAY FROM THE OLD TRAIN TRESSELS!!!

Other than that, I got no advice. I don’t get out much.

Oh, yeah, there’s Phoenix Hill Tavern. There’s always some sort of concert/party going on there, and for New Years it’ll be a rather large one.

Okay - so, here is my short list - tell me what you think:

Phoenix Hill Tavern - been there before, like it. (Anubis likes it too, it seems)

Connection - been there, fun gay scene.

Magnolia Bar - Never been (I see Frank’s friends have been)

Main St. Lounge - Never been

Cahoots - Never been, but it’s on Bardstown Rd and I love that area.

Coyotes - Never been, I’m guessing this is a country bar - I actually dig good blue-grass (shhhh! don’t tell anyone) :wink:

PS - I’ve already done the day at the races (w/ Mint Julep) at Churchill Downs…:smiley:

Never been to Pheonix hill. Just heard about it on the radio many a time.

Well, I actually live in Lexington now but I’m in Louisville fairly often visiting relatives and what not. I’m afraid I’m not a club or bar kind of person but I can recommend some nice places to eat.

Lilly’s is fabulous though very upscale (and expensive-but worth it). Cafe Mimosa does very nice asian cuisine. If you’d like an Irish-type pub and associated grub try Molly Malone’s or Kitty O’Kirwan’s. Or for some great Yucatan style cooking try the Mayan Gypsy. It’s only a few blocks from the Phoenix Hill area. De la Torre’s has Spanish cuisine that I still think of fondly and the Jicama Grill has the best ceviche I’ve ever tasted. (On the night we went, my two companions and I ordered one of every ceviche on the menu. We startled the waitress but it was marvelous!)
I could drone on and on, however that should be a good start. Here’s a link to a listing of Louisville’s restaurants along with reviews and addresses.

Can you provide a little more info on exactly what yer innerested in? Haute Cuisine or Whitey’s? The Back Door or the Bristol? The Opera or the Rodeo?

Also, if you’ve never been to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, you should go there. For breakfast, if possible.

**dwyr[b/], thanks! You rock.

Frank - I like it all, baby!

Seriously, I’m mostly into the good food-alterna-scene.

I have been to Lynn’s.