O.K. people…as I’ve said in another post here, I’m new to the board. In addition, I’m new to the Louisville area. So, tell me about Louisville… (or Louahville or however it’s pronounced…).

I’ve been here about 6 months and havent really had a chance to explore and learn about the city, so, I’m gonna rely on what you tell me here.


I was in Loouhvuhl for about 24 hours a year ago. The one thing I needed to do while I was there was have a slice of Derby Pie.

I highly recommend it if you have a sweet tooth.

I was at Ft Knox for a little bit but its been a while. Lets see…

Louisville Slugger Museum, check

Caesar’s Riverboat Casino, check

Various bars of ill repute, well you’ll have to find out for yourself

Churchill Downs - they have a museum all about horseracing, and you can take tours of the place. I did that while I was killing time before my flight back home. And I know zero about horseracing and it was still kind of neat.

Oh, man, I am so jealous- I left Looavull 20 years ago, and I’d love to move back. I plan to eventually. My mom and sisters still live there, and I get up there a few times a year.

 Have they had the St. James Art Festival yet?  I think it's in October- you should go.  There's almost always something going on in the Cherokee Triangle on weekends- Bardstown Road is a great place to go hang out, there are wonderful shops and some outstanding places to eat.  If you like Indian food, there is a place called Kashmir on Bardstown Road that is really good.  Also the Bristol Bar and Grill, and Ramsi's are on B-town Road.  

 Louisville also has a great AAA baseball team, the Riverbats.  I don't know how long the season lasts, it's probably over, but there's always next year!  The Louisville Slugger museum had an exhibit this summer about the Bugs Bunny cartoons that were about baseball- I didn't get a chance to go, and I don't know if it's still there.

 The Speed Art Museum on the University of Louisville's campus is definitely worth the trip.  There used to be a little restaurant there called the Cafe Musee, but that was 20 years ago, so it may not still be there.  U of L also has a planetarium with really good exhibits.  

 The Louisville Zoo is a lot of fun.  When I was there in August, they had a white tiger exhibit.  

 Get a copy of "Leo", if you haven't already- it's the free weekly paper that tells you what's going on in town.

 And have a drink at the Rathskellar for me.

I go to the high school football championships at Papa John Stadium every year (but only because my alma mater has played in it for the last five years…). Periodically I take the kids to the Zoo over there. Other than that, as a Lexingtonian, I’m surprised at how little I make it over there.

If you’re up for a road trip, you still have time this week or next to trek over to Keeneland and see horse racing the way it was intended to be. Order up a bowl of Kentucky burgoo and a beer, put some bets down, and enjoy the prettiest race track in the county - right smack in the middle of the horse farms of the bluegrass.

PS… welcome to Kentucky.

Whaddya want to know? I grew up here, I work here, I live here, I am raising my family here. Ask, and Ye shall receive.

e-mail works for me, too.


I grew up in Louisville. Nice town. Go Cardinals!

Bardstown Road- domain of TwiceTold Books (run by an aging Al-Franken/Tom-Waits-lookalike beatnick) and TwiceTold Coffeehouse, The Great Escape Comics & Collectibles store; EarXtacy CD-record store and Electric Ladyland- a Messianic Jewish-secondhand records HEAD SHOP!

Also, you are a two hours drive to the SW of me!

So if you’re a hot female single C’tian Republican, how you doin’?

If you’re a hot single female who could like a C’tian Pubbie jovian male, how you doin’?

If not- just a friendly hiya L

I was born in Louisville and moved to Lexington when I was 11, many years ago. I really love, and miss living in Louisville. Such a nice town. It has many nice neighborhoods.
It has lots of nice city parks too. Visit Cherokee, Big Rock and Iroquois. Iroquois has a scenic overlook, beautiful at night, but take a map or a guide as you can get lost there. Also, if you’re into this at all, Cave Hill Cemetary is beautiful too. You can get lost in there too.
Go across the river to Indiana and look at the skyline. I think the place is called the Falls of the Ohio or something like that. Take a cruise on the Belle of Louisville.
You are so lucky to be living in Big Lou.