Anyone in New Jersey see their 2020 Ballot status change from Received to Counted?

I’m not sure if NJ DOS: New Jersey Division of Elections will be updating the Ballot Status field or not. I know they started counting the ballots on Saturday.

I’m hoping that when checked they’ll update the Mail-In Ballot history for 11/03/2020 to either Counted or Rejected.

If anyone knows more on this, please let me know.

Mine was received on September 28th. You have to wait until November 20th to get a status change.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: A voter’s ballot status won’t be changed to “Accepted” or “Rejected” until after the certification of the Election, on November 20th.

Thanks for that.

Sadly that means if our ballots are rejected, it is too late. Not the best system.

@What_Exit I just checked the status. Mine is Accepted.

Mine still says:
Ballot status

Sad :frowning:

Finally my Ballot status went to Accepted!

I do not like this system at all.

After this year, I’m really not fond of a lot of the voting process in the different states, plus the electoral college, etc.

But this was, at least, relatively painless.

True, it was painless, but if we weren’t accepted we would have been effectively disenfranchised by the method. The ballots are a good idea, I think it can be improved dramatically including tallying as it goes.