Anyone in or near Newport Oregon who might want to help me out?

My best friend came back from a visit to Oregon with a gift of coffee for my boyfriend - specifically Gnarly Boy coffee from Newport Bay Coffee. He finally got around to opening it and he is madly in love - says it’s the best coffee he has ever had. He has even started bringing TWO travel mugs of coffee to work because he can’t bear the thought of it going to waste.

Here’s the problem - I can’t seem to find any way to buy any from MA. Their website doesn’t have an online ordering option and searching on Gnarly Boy Coffee brings me a bunch of glowing reviews but nothing else. I tried calling them but I keep getting a message about the phone lines being down.

So, what I would like is for someone to go there and find out if it can be purchased in any way other than 4 oz bags (like maybe gallon sized bags? :D). We could paypal, check, or money order the cost of the coffee and the shipping.


Looks to me like they’re building a website at

It says “This store is powered by Shopify Ecommerce Solutions” so I’m guessing you will be able to order online when it’s done.

I’m a few hours away from Newport, but the name sounds familiar… I’ll keep my eye out. I may have seen it on the shelf somewhere. I’ll let you know if I find it. I’ll also ask around, see if anyone knows if it is sold locally.

Is there a specific blend or roast he likes?

I saw that one, in addition to this one. My hope is that the one you linked to will be the solution to my problem but I have no way of knowing how long that will take and we’re impatient. Well, he’s impatient. I’m just the one with the time to look for him.

I tried the phone number on the bag and the website and both of them have the telephone company trouble recording.
Lancie - He is specifically looking for the Gnarly Boy (the bag says it’s their strongest coffee). Thanks for looking!