Anyone in the Palm Beach area?

My sojourn in Florida has been extended for another week (this case will never be over :rolleyes: ). Anyone living in the Palm Beach/Delray/Ft. Lauderdale area want to grab a drink this week/next weekend?


I’ll be available Tues. afternoon/evening.

I’m in Coral Springs, but I have very limited ttransportation. Plus I’ll be busy working at Ren-Fest this all weekend.

Any chance of yer boobs makin’ the trip, hyper?

Tuesday evening tentatively sounds good. Location unimportant (have rental car, will travel). At the moment I don’t anticipate being stuck at work (like I am now), but ya never know. On Monday, things will be clear, and we’ll make plans then?


[sub]Yipee!! I get to meet ChiefScott! [/sub]

Cool beans.

Hit me via e-mail. Make a suggestion as to where to meet (someplace a hack would know) as I’ve not been in tha area since 1986 and spent most of my time in titty bars.

Ironically enough, most of my time in S. Fla. is also spent in titty bars ;). Actually I have just the place - Roxy’s, a bar with a pool table on Clematis Street, the main strip in W. Palm. But anyway, I’ll fill the rest in via email on Mon.


I assure you…if I make the trip, so will my boobs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Jess, can your boobs pick up my boobs and then all our boobs can go along? [my this sounds odd]

Oh lord. Someone bring a few towels to catch all of Scott’s drool, ok?

Down, birdie, down.

Whoa. You’re saying “down” to ME??? YOU’RE the one drooling, sailorboy.