Anyone Interested In Another Michigan Dopefest?

mrblue said this in Shadowfox’s Blizzard thread, in reference to Medea’s Child coming home to Michigan for the holidays. It got me to thinkin’.

The first Michigan Dopefest was last January, held in Ann Arbor. It was great. Since then, I’ve held one at my home, and xploder held one at his. It’s about time for another one. Anyone up for it?

It’d be nice to have it while Medea’s Child is here in Michigan. It doesn’t have to be in Flint. I’m willing to drive just about anywhere. :smiley:

Sounds like a good idea Pers. Just name a date and I’ll see what I can do. As to a location, I’ll let the rest of you decide. I’m pretty flexible.

I live in NJ, but if you had another in Ann Arbor (my brother lives there) I would definately show up.

Hm. Wonko, you’d come in from NJ for a Dopefest in Ann Arbor? Wow. Maybe we’ll have eto do Ann Arbor again. :smiley:

Ann Arbor would be fine, if I’m in MI. I have family there.

The “If I’m in MI” is the important part. Its at most a three week window, beginning Friday.

the mini dope fest in Lansing???

figure out a date and time, and I’ll see what I can do (keep in mind I’ve got a teenager… who doesn’t drive)

I’m currently up in East Lansing. I would be interested, but I’m going to be moving back home soon (home is Westland), so my life is probably going to be a little hectic when the Dopefest occurrs.

A three-week window, eh?

I’ll see what I can do. Of course, if anyone else would like to help with the planning, feel free! I’m good at coming up with ideas, but I positively suck at the actual organization!

Maybe one of the A2 Dopers could lend a hand, here? Brynda? Lazarus? Zenbeam? Pleasepleasepleaseplease? :D:D:D:D

What, do you want me to come pick you up in Pittsburgh? :wink:

I’m in, assuming the date doesn’t conflict with required appointments… Not sure when my family Christmas parties are going to be yet, if any, other than Christmas Day.

Friday nights or Saturdays are the best for me, as I expect they are for most people with regular 8-5 jobs, but as I was telling Medea’s Child, I’ve got some vacation time coming, so I’m flexible in this regard.

Looking at the calendar (and thinking of that 3 week window) I’m humbly suggesting 12-29 or 12-30…

I’ll be home (home being Monroe) for xmas starting next Wednesday. I’d be interested in a Dopefest, if 200-post wonders like myself are welcome. :slight_smile:

Ann Arbor’s an easy drive for me. East Lansing or Flint might be pushing it, but we’ll see.

Ann Arbor would be cool (since I live here) but I’m game for anywhere. I can’t, alas, offer up my home as it is pretty small. But I could help nail down a good bar to meet at. There’s a ecobrewery in town that makes for a nice gathering place (has couches as well as standard tables) but I’m not sure their beer, earth-friendly though it may be, is anything special.

I’ve never been to AnnArbor, but I have been to Grand Rapids, and I would definitely consider coming if it isn’t all that far away since I have to go to MI anyway middle of January, so when’s this all taking place?

Juniper, newbies are always welcome at these things! We like newbies. Especially if they buy at least one round. Hehehehe.

Ann Arbor is fine by me as well. My mom lives down there, and I used to live there, so the drive is quite a familiar one, and one I certainly don’t mind making. :smiley:

I’d also be more than happy to carpool or caravan with anyone coming down from this way. I’d also be happy to meet up with anyone coming in from another direction–for instance, if there’s any Lansing Dopers that want to hook up where 96 hits 23, I’d be happy to meet you! :smiley:

I’m well up for Ann Arbor, being, well, already here :slight_smile: But like Cranky, I really can’t offer up my (shared) apartment. However, if you’re looking for someone to help organize, I may well be your person. What sorts of things do you need?

Cranky, are you talking about Leopold’s? That’s a nice place, and it would certainly have room for a relatively large group (20 or so). Ashley’s or the Arbor Brewing Company might work as well, though for slightly smaller groups depending on how many are actually going to show up (about 8 and 12, respectively, for those two establishments).

As to a date, it sounds like mrblue may have about the right window. The only problem with Friday and Saturday nights being that getting into places like the Arbor Brewing Company becomes an exercise in futility.

All right, I’ve spoken enough. Persephone, I’ll email you and we can figure out what needs to be organized (if we end up in AA, that is :slight_smile:


I’m not actually old enough to buy a round, but I’m sure Ann Arbor’s seen plenty of that anyway… :slight_smile:

Grand Rapids is 130 miles away from Ann Arbor, if that is where this little party is going to take place. About a 2.5 hour drive or so. But you’re still welcome to attend if you choose to.

Ann Arbor sounds fine to me too. It’s only about an hour drive for me. Flint is also only about an hour drive, so either would be convenient for me.

As per MrBlue’s suggestion of the 29th or 30th, that sounds good to me. I’m unable to go out on New Years Eve due to a lack of a babysitter, so the chance to get out at least sometime that weekend would be fine by me.

29th/30th would be cool, with the added “I have to ask my parents…” which has been known to make some unexpected problems.

(Silly parents, protecting children)

This is also assuming that Bishop Airport gets plowed before Friday.

Count me as a possible, too. Either 12/29 or 12/30 sound fine to me, depending, of course, on the weather.

Juniper200, a 200-post newbie at at dopefest? Feh, I was welcomed at the Flint fest when I was a mere 20-post newbie. Of course, I was very quiet and respectful.

Oh, and Persephone, I live outside Detroit, not AA. Just didn’t want to take credit for a town I can’t claim.

Yipes! Sorry, Brynda. I was thinking you lived in A2.

Got a very nice email from Lazarus a little while ago, and I gave him as much info as I could regarding what I know about Dopefests.

One other thing I forgot to mention in the email (and on this board) is that spouses/SO’s/friends are welcome, also. More than likely I’ll be bringing my husband along.

I can’t wait! I love Dopefests! Woohoo! :smiley:

Is there a minimum age on dopefests? I coulld go to Ann Arbor. I live in Romulus.