Anyone interested in talking about Tru Calling 11/6?

I forgot it was on until about ten minutes in, so that flashback (reduced in duration this week) that I griped about last week actually came in handy this week, although I guess nothing that significant happened the first few minutes.

So Tru has learned the lesson that she can’t save everyone. All righty then.

Any firefighters in the house? Is it at all realistic that with several geared-up firefighters on the scene that Nick would’ve been permitted to go back into the building after the girl? I found that so annoying; two firefighters in gear hold Tru back but no one can stop Nick from going in? Or it doesn’t occur to Nick himself that hey, maybe my buddies with the gear on might be better suited to handle this?

I do like that she misinterprets the information she has (murder instead of suicide last week; pegging the wrong suspect this week) but I can see that getting tiresome if it happens every week. And that morgue guy is becoming a little too deus ex machina for my tastes.

So, I’ll give it another week or two. Anyone else?

You may not get the chance. It was one the least watched shows on TV last week. I give it two more weeks, max.

And no, given that there are geared-up firefighters around, he would not be allowed back into the building.

Well damn, I hope Joss is in a forgiving mood…

But Fox can’t cancel ALL their new shows (except O.C.). And what do they expect putting it at 8PM Thursdays?

OTOH, it did even worse this week, getting beat by WWE on UPN. So that’s not good.

Well, Dushku is still doing great with what she’s given, and I was sad when Nick died because that actor was pretty good too. But Nick was obviously too dumb to live. Why not yell at THE FIREFIGHTERS IN GEAR that there was a little girl under the bed of apartment whatever? Hell, if Tru hadn’t tried to save him he probably would have tripped on a curb and hit his head. The Nick to the Rescue scenes were just silly. This is a time-travel drama, people, we expect the occasional plot hole but yours are so big space warps around them. Sheesh.

But the rest? Not bad. Nearly no sister, drama with ProfBoyfriend OK, good work by ED and the guy who plays Davis as always.

Oh yeah, if they have to fill in its slot, which granted may be soon, how about rerunning some of the Sunday comedies that are obviously going to be shoved around by football for a coupla months? A few people I know got ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT cut off their VCRs by football delays and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

So far, I’m very disappointed. There are only so many permutations of “that’s not the fire she dies in; THIS is the fire she dies in!” for the obligatory 45-minutes-in “twist”. And when I tuned in last night, I had missed the first… 15? 20 minutes? Didn’t feel like I’d missed anything at all. Then my better half came home and put in the Halloween episode of Buffy, and the contrast in the writing was appalling.

Is it me, or have they not figured out how to write dialogue that sounds normal coming out of Eliza’s mouth?

I agree that the weekly dejavu is going to get real tired, real fast…as soon as the brother spilled the sugar, I knew she would stop him from doing that next time around.

This show probably sounded a lot better as a pitch in some studio executive’s office. I don’t think anyone thought out exactly how this would look week after week.

I thought the same thing with all the firefighters there and this idiot runs up without oxygen or suit or whatever…they shouldn’t have had any of the fire trucks there - at least then it would have made sense for him to run back into the building.

Plus, assuming they don’t cancel it, the previews show her saving her brother - again. That will be the third episode, and already she has had to save his sorry ass twice? Maybe Tru and FOX are both about to learn some thing; some people and some tv shows aren’t worth the trouble of saving.

I am also getting tired of the strict formula the show seems to have. They’re going to have to get very creative with it very soon to hold my viewership.

The setup is quite similar to Early Edition, but is more limiting to the writers. With the paper, he could study it for further information, and it sometimes changed several times in an episode, based on Gary’s actions. Tru has no way to know if she averted the tragedy until it all plays out. So they write her doing something, thinking it solved things, then realizing the situation is something else, and having to rush against the deadline. Early Edition could also deal with less-than-life-or-death issues, but every situation with Tru is going to involve a death.

I have no idea if there’s a way to write episodes of this show that don’t just run over the same formula. I hope they do, because I’ve liked these two shows. I don’t want to get tired of it, but I know I will as things seem to stand.

By the way: Eliza Dushku is H-O-T hot. That tiny skirt was something to watch, all by itself.

She should fail, and then have to try again on another replay of the day. That should give at least enough ideas for one interesting episode. If it lasts to another one.

I liked the show, thought it was good.

But I was pretty dissapointed that she didn’t get to keep seeing Nick.


I’d love to discuss it, but I forgot to set the VCR.

<curses, mumbles and more curses>

“Skirt”, you say?

Well, although I like it, I agree with everyone else on the limitations presented. However, if it’s going to be cancelled, at least next week’s episode features the brother. Yum.

I thought this episode was way better than the first one.

But that’s not saying much. I too cannot see where this formula can go that isn’t doing the same damn thing every week. I’m giving it one more week and then I’m prolly giving up on it.