Tru Calling Apr 22

Didn’t see another thread.
Well, it is prery much confirmed that Jack is also reliving days
I dunno if next week previews are considered spoilers, but to be safe

It looks like Jack IS the anti-Tru.
Wonder who bites the dust in the season finale. I hope it isn’t Davis
I’m not sure TC is the type of show to kill a major char
(depends on if they are renewed I guess)


Following your leadNext week is the season finale. Whether or not Tru is picked up will be announced May 20th. Gah! No cliffhangers, please!

I have a feeling that Jack isn’t the “anti-Tru.” My sense has been that he re-lives days (what his trigger is remains unclear, perhaps he’s linked to Tru or was linked to Tru’s mother?) but that he acts selfishly as opposed to acting in opposition to Tru. Perhaps he started out trying to help people and failed and wasn’t able to handle it as well as Tru has? I sincerely hope that they don’t go the “Jack is Tru’s long-lost brother” route.

Me, too. It just seems too obvious; and while this show isn’t stellar by any means, it does try for some sneakiness. Thing is, I like all of the actors, but the writing just kinda sorta sucks a lot. It’s a credit to the actors that they make the bad writing shine as much as it does.

Much like Smallville, though, we’ll watch “Do It Tru” every week. (Nickname taken from a grammar-poor wish given in The Banger Sisters.)

Oh, and to ask a general information question, what happened to Tru’s coke-sniffing lawyer sister? I missed several eps and when I came back to the show she seemed to have vanished and no one seems to mention her.

She was supposed to be in rehab, but then she showed up later when their father came back into town. I haven’t seen or heard from her since. Maybe she pulled a Chuck Cunningham and just disappeared on us.

If they never mention the sister again I won’t care at all. I’ve never liked her, her character, or her backstory. I think Harrison is a much more interesting character, though they aren’t quite doing enough with him IMO.

Yeah, Skip, the writing is mostly sub-par, but they have taken the show to more interesting places than I’d originally hoped for. The show has potential, and I think the general arc is showing that better than any particular episode.

What I like so far is that she no longer strictly runs all over town, but borrows Harrison’s car :smiley: Also, not every episode spends a lot of time recapping the first thirty minutes, but they still are annoying about it with flashbacks and Davis talks. But there is still plenty of room to grow into, and I think Dushku can handle it.

I agree, erislover: the scope of the show is improving. They’re moving away from the “dead person of the week” format (much like how Smallville finally left the “freak of the week” behind) and getting into an actual arc. I’m interested in seeing what happens next week for the season finale. (I’ve also read this morning that it’s been picked up for a second season. So, that’s nifty.)

I thought the older sister was hot, but other than that, they didn’t do much with her. I think it would have been unusual if they had Tru telling her the secret instead of Harrison; might have led to some interesting situations. That said, Harrison is a great character; he’s the one with the most potential for growth, and I hope they take advantage of that.

And I agree: I’m glad they wrote out her running all around town. Not that I hate seeing Dushku run, mind you… :smiley:

Oh, and IMDB has the sister, Jessica Collins, listed as being with the cast for 2003-2004–much like Benjamín Benítez , who briefly played Gardez. It looks like she’s probably out of the regular cast. Probably didn’t have anything for her to do as the show went on.