Anyone interested in trading foreign currency?

I thought it would be a neat idea to collect some foreign currency (non U.S. for me) and maybe make some kind of artwork like a picture or something out of it. Basically the way I had hoped this would work would be those who presumably are outside of the U.S. or have access to foreign currency would agree to trade with me via PM. Once an agreement is made, we can come back here and post that we are trading so others with access to the same currency would know a deal had already been made. I really don’t want to trade more than about ~$6 ($5, $1, quarter, dime, nickel, penny) so you would come up with a comparable amount in your currency and mail it to me. Of course, I would do the same back to you.

I really don’t know how common U.S. dollars are in other countries so if it is and you don’t care about having the whole assortment I can just throw the equivalent amount and mail it back to you.

Please keep all personal information such as addresses out of this thread.

I believe that Surok and me are going to work out a deal for Russian roubles and possibly Byelorussian. Other than that I don’t have anything else.

Obviously this thread isn’t just for me. If you are interested in trading with someone on different terms (higher dollar amount, etc) then feel free to do so.

Are you interested in coins, or just bills? In terms of bills, I have some Italian lire, Kenya Naira, and Polish Zlotyz. In terms of coins, I have a handful from various. Email me, I don’t care about money back, these are all worthless or value less than USD1.

If you’re looking for coins, I’ve got a bunch: Swedish, Danish, Euros, Czech, Norwegian, Greek and Spanish of various denominations. Email me if you’re interested; like Dex says the value is small.

Thanks for the replies guys. PMs have been sent to you!

Someone tipped me a Canadian quarter the other day, but I accidentally left it at my last apt. when I moved out. My ex-roommate has probably tried to spend it.

I’ll be happy to send you some Israeli money – a 20 NIS bill (about $5) and 10,5,1 and fractional coins (so the total will come up to slightly under $10)

No need for reciprocation, we have plenty of $US floating around here!

PM or email me

As I said in my PM, I’ll send you some smallish Russian rouble bills. And Byelorussian, if I can find them.

And I may have some Kyrghyz currency kicking around somewhere.

I don’t need anything in exchange, unless you want big denomination Russian roubles. In that case, you can give five or ten bucks to a local charity.

I have some Macedonian coins worth almost nothing sitting on my coffee table at home that you’re more than welcome to. Cause I have no idea what else I’m going to do with them. I can send you a small amount of Bulgarian money, but not too much, because I can actually use it!

I can send some Hong Kong dollars. If you’d asked 11 months ago, I could have sent you Lebanese currency instead.

I could send you some baht (Thailand) probably. I have a couple extra yuan (China) notes handy.

Damn. I had one of those once-ubiquitous pots for Europeans, full of coins from about twenty different countries, with a negligible face value and mostly now obsolete. But moving house a few months ago, I finally decided there was no point keeping it.

One point - keep a close eye on your own coins. Bermudian ones may well appear among them, being the same size, shape & value as US currency. How likely you are to find one depends on your location, though, I suppose!
…a few moments later…
In fact, having just checked another pot full of US coins, I’ve got a Bermudian dime and a Polish 10 Groszy piece which you’re welcome to, just give me address :slight_smile:

Send me an email and I’ll send you some yen and a few assorted coins and cheaper papter money from various Asian countries. All pretty cheap things, though.

I’m American so don’t worry about sending money back.

PM me. I have a Brazilian 1 Real note you’re welcome to. No need to reciprocate.

I’ve got the same pot of money that Gorillaman describes, full of pre-Euro European and Mid-East coins and bills. I’ve been moving this around the house for a couple of years now, and don’t know what to do with it. I’ll try to get a rough inventory of it this weekend for you.

Wow, I didn’t expect this much. This is terrific. I will be sending everyone PMs now!

Oh, and I would be more helpful with the shekels, but I spent them all on Goldstar. (And Goldstar lighters, which my drill sergeant later confiscated. The bastard!)

I can add a couple of bits of Aussie money.

I’m American too, if anybody wants the spare change of several trips home, let me know, otherwise, no need to reciprocate.


If I can help with our Kiwi dosh, just let me know. :slight_smile:

I’ll send a Canadian $2 coin and $1.00 if you wish.

I have PMed everyone in the thread. But Canadiangirl it appears as if you aren’t set up to receive PMs and your email isn’t available in your profile. Shoot me an email or something and maybe we can work something out. Thanks!