anyone know a good discussion board or website on new toy colletctibles?

Along with my comic book collecting, I also collect toys or movie props every now and then, but not as much. As I was cleaning my apartment this past week, I’ve discovered a box of toys that I totally forgot I had. For kicks, I checked out ebay and some of them are pretty expensive (e.g. Deion Sanders football figure, battle star gallactica die cast metal ship, some first series spawn figues). The only ones that I keep handy are ones from my childhood: transformers, star wars figures, etc.

I’m looking for a more comprehensive site or sites, and that are organized and informative, like the SDMB. I’m looking for anything that discusses old toys (not quite vintage), as well as toys coming out. Anyone got any suggestions?

Raving Toy Maniac


Action Figure Insider


Michael Crawford