anyone know a The Daily Show schedule?

So, Thursday night I thought I kind of heard something about a 2 week break for Jon Stewart, and Colbert. I love the shows, but know they take a lot of breaks, and have come to expect it, and it is probably about the time for it. But how do you figure out when they are on repeats? Comcast always says it is new no matter gives no useful info. I have never been able to figure out from their schedule when they are new or repeats, and yes, it is important enough to me to watch when it is new.
Does anybody know a reliable schedule for it?

I don’t use it much, because I’ve got the DVR set up to just record every day and it takes about 2 seconds to know if it is a repeat or not. If the show starts with the announcer giving the date it is new, if it starts with him saying “from Comedy Central headquarters…” it is a repeat and I stop watching it.

But for when I do want to know what’s coming up on any of the late night shows I use this page.

Plus I generally assume that they’ll be dark the week of a federal holiday, and possibly the week before as well (this break leads into Memorial Day)

The usually tell you on the main websites. and

You can sign up for the newsletter, which will send you who the guests are every week that they are actually on.