Anyone know if you can make french toast in the microwave?

We’ll be in a hotel over the weekend that has a microwave in the room. Does anyone know if you can make French toast in a microwave? I was planning to use milk and egg beaters.

I’m sorry but that sounds atrociously, monstrously, disgustingly bad. Any chance this is a joke thread?

They will be yellow and soggy, not browned and . . . toasty. Plus, well, egg beaters. Shudder.

Do you mean motel?

Aunt Jemima sells frozen French Toast. Probably not as good as “the real thing.”

But far better than what you describe.

It’s pretty fucking good. Me ‘n’ Mr. K killed a box in one sitting.

Pre-make it yourself at home, freeze it, then heat it up in the room.

Holy cow. That’s such a simple yet perfect answer, I can’t believe it never dawned on me. :smack:

Or maybe I’ll just grab some toaster waffles (I like 'em microwaved) so I can spend more time playing Oblivion tonight.

Yes, I meant motel, Bear_Nenno. Thanks.

I once tried to make popadums in a microwave, but I didn’t have popadums, so I soaked some bread, cut them into circles, flattened them, then dusted with curry powder.

The result was probably as inedible as what you’re planning - even reheating frozen eggy bread will be revoltingly soggy. :barf:

I’m getting the impression that some people think this might be a bad idea. :wink:

Okay, you guys convinced me. I’ll find something else for breakfast.

If you’re thinking of microwaving instant Aunt Jemima pancakes, those results may prove disappointing as well.

I think you can buy a non-stick electric frying pan for about 10 bucks, that’s what I’d do, or bring one from home. If you had to, you could make french toast on an inverted clothes iron, too. Be sure to use butter and maple syrup!

The main problem with using the microwave is that you can’t really brown or toast anything in a microwave. You could get the bread and Egg Beaters boiling hot, sure, but they won’t get even a little bit crispy.

Frozen, pre-crisped items work only because of the pre-crisping.

What’s popadums (in American, please)?

In American, they’re “popadums” too. Also spelled “papadoms”, “poppodums”, “papadums”, etc. as the word is a transliteration from the Hindi/Urdu. A very thin,spiced circle of dough, like a tortilla but made with gram flour, that’s fried or grilled, and served as accompaniment to an Indian meal, often with Indian pickles. Bloody lovely.

And for God’s sake don’t try to make hard-boiled eggs in the microwave. Trust me.

Don’t even try to get a slightly runny undercooked boiled egg just a little bit more “done” by shelling the egg and giving it an extra ten seconds on “high.” Trust me.

I’m not one to fault a man for creative cookery, but I have a real suspicion that alcohol was involved in this idea.

Trust me.

Are you inshinuating shomething? (Actually, the sad thing was that I was stone-cold sober, just craving papad masala.)

You managed to come up with that experiment whilst sober? I don’t know whether to be impressed or shocked.