Anyone know of a good, free A+ essentials study guide?

I’d gladly buy a good one, but money’s tight until I get paid next. My company provided a link to a site that had a few things on there, but most of it was either not free, out dated, or hacked by some ASS. I’d really like to stay ahead of the game before my exam, and I have a feeling that I’ll need to do quite a bit of studying for it.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Try Sparknotes dot com. They usually have pretty good stuff, academically speaking.

Cool site, but it didn’t have what I needed. Thanks though.

Off to search some more.

Man, I’d love to get my hands on that bastard that hacked into the cramsessions site!

The d/l from the proprofs site contains no files, which is also super.


I found a few practice tests I can take, but I’m looking for more of a condensed study guide that I can d/l and hopefully print. Oh, and the reference numbers of the two tests I’ll be taking are 220-601 and 220-603 in case that helps.

Does anyone know if the test is still adaptive?

A legal copy of the A+ For Dummies book is an excellent resource.

Otherwise, I found a lot of people’s braindumps to be good. Seriously, though, I wasn’t really a huge computer guy, read the for dummies book and aced the 2 exams.

Cool. I just got back from the used book store, and of course everything there is out dated. I’ll try a real book store and see if the Dummies book is going to be affordable for me. Thanks!

It seems to be unhacked now.

You might try this .

Thanks for all the help guys! I lucked out and found a great book at Borders that was %30 off, and it was only $29.99 to start with. That should get me through at least the first test.

Now I have to go and study. Joy.