Anyone know of a good site to sell or trade purses?

So I’ve got this purse - it’s this one, only in a color called “Burgundy”, that I bought a couple years ago. I used it a little bit, but ultimately it just didn’t work out for me. It’s in almost-new condition.

I am not a purse person. I don’t know why I bought the thing, for whatever reason for a fleeting bit of time I thought I needed something like it. It’s since been replaced with a fabric bag that cost about 1/10th the price.

So it sits there, in the closet, in all its leathery Brighton beauty. There’s got to be someplace where I could either sell or trade it for something that suits me better. I’ve looked on eBay, and didn’t get a good feel for purse-selling there. Is there some cool website where people who are into purses sell/trade them? Can someone point me there? I am miserable at this girly stuff!

Check out Lots of designer stuff you can buy/sell/trade for.

(Full Disclosure: This is a friend’s business but it is what you asked for so I am shamelessly plugging them)

Ebay is still your best bet. The plainer Brighton’s really don’t have great resale value, and it’s unlikely you’d get more than $50 to $60 for your purse at best.