Anyone know the setup for this joke?

All I can remember is the punchline.

(In a heavy spanish accent)
It ring green green, so I pink up the phone and say “yellow?”

A mexican guy wants a job, and his interviewer says he’ll hire him if he can use these three words in a sentence: green, pink, and yellow.

But the punchline I heard is:

My phone go green green, so I pink it up and say yellow.


I remember it being a lot funnier.

It’s strange, that joke. Personally, I hate it.

But it’s the only joke my fiance can ever remember, so she ends up telling it about once a week (she’s a bartender).

Most people groan, some laugh.

“I wanna house widda statue in every room.”

“A statue, sir?”

“Yeah, you know, it rings, I grab it, I yell, ‘Ey, Luigi, stat choo?’”