Anyone know what font this is?

I’m having a hard time finding this font, especially this ampersand …I know I’ve seen it before somewhere. I’ve found a few wfpnts that match the letters, but the ampersand eludes me.

You can try . It won’t take the image directly, it’s too big. You’ll have to crop it around the text.

Awesome, Garfield. Thanks! I think we’ve found it!

What font was it?

Don’t worry. I just clicked on “contact us” and emailed Jeff and Alexandra and asked them. I’m sure they’ll be getting right back to me…
ETA: If they don’t, well, I’ve got their address and a tank of gas…

For the record, that was a joke. I didn’t do those things, and I don’t suggest that anyone else do them either.

Okay, here’s the deal. I put it in and the background font, the “I DO” part and the ampersand are ether Shelly Allegro Script. The part with their names and the date below, I still can’t quite get and the website’s suggestions were a little off on this one. So I’m not sure. The “2” and the “4” are pretty distinct, as is the “N” in Alexandrea, as it dips down slightly below the rest of the letters. Also the all caps with the “capital” being taller than the other caps is throwing me off, too. I have a Mac and cannot find any similar fonts in Pages.

Try . It’ll ask you a series of questions and it’s pretty accurate.

I thought it might be “Engravers” font, but it’s not quite right. However, there are variations (like Engravure) which are closer, so perhaps it’s a knock off.

Try Shelley Volante. It’s a font that I used on my hub’s business logo several years ago. It’s not an exact match but the ampersand is very close.