Anyone know whats going on with Pitchfork?

I know not everyone loves or even likes Pitchfork, but I do try and read it everyday to keep up with what is coming out and when people are touring. And, though they are pompous as hell, I like reading their reviews. I have recently had a desire to find some new hip hop and wanted to look up a couple of groups I heard about on pitchfork. The reviews were nowhere to be found. This is strange because I am fairly sure I remember reading the reviews for at least one of the groups (Atmosphere for those who are interested), so I do a Google search and find links to the reviews that send me to empty web pages. I try again with several other reviews I had remembered reading, some came up others were gone. Anyone know what is happening? Are they purging old reviews? In the grand scheme of things I know this is fairly inconsequential, but I am kind of curious to find out if anyone else has noticed or knows what is going on.

They redesigned their site a while back, so a lot of old reviews might not have survived the transition. It’s also possible that those old links are dead because they’ve changed the way they name their pages.

They also seem to be having an awful lot of trouble with their site lately. I think they started offering a lot more mp3s for download and their hamsters couldn’t take it. (For instance, I’m trying to search for Atmosphere now and I’m not able to get through.)

They do still have new album reviews every day; today they have the new Mountain Goats album at the top. In fact, they’re now available as a convenient RSS feed (along with their news, features, and singles reviews).