Anyone know who wrote this list "George W. Bush's Amazing Accomplishments"

I have seen this list all over the net but I don’t see it attributed to anyone. Anyone know who wrote it and/or where it was first published?


Possibly from this site.

Heh, interesting. This item dates the list somewhat:

Obviously it was compiled before the events of recent years, else certain other elements might have been written very differently, such as this one:


an earlier version from 2003, post 14

Jesus F. Christ, what an idiot. (Referring to the author of the article linked in the OP.) Of course, that doesn’t go far in narrowing down the list of possible authors.

Judging from the tone of the list, my first guess for author would be George W. Bush.

Yea, like who cares?

Who are you going to believe, someone from the Office of Propaganda or your lying eyes?

That is a ridiculous assertion. All the words are spelled right.

Sorry for the hijack, but aren’t a lot of the items on that list misattributed? A great many of them relate to legislation, which I thought was the responsibility of the legislative branch of the government, not the president. All the president does is ratify the laws passed by Congress by signing them, right? Or can the president theoretically (and did Bush actually) draft bills and pass them onto Congress for their consideration?