Anyone Know WTF Is Up W/ Randy Quaid?

I dont know how to link it, but Randy Quaid has a $40,000 warrant out for his arrest, and it seems to me that this is about the third time in a year or so that he has been wanted by the law. This current warrant is in California, but at least one of the other situations was in Texas.

These cases have to do with him running up huge hotel bills, (upwards of $10, 000 in this most recent case) then skipping town without paying up.

Randy Quaid is no mega star, but surely he has some money, no?

He was in the summer blockbuster “Independence Day”, and has appeared in several movies since, though nothing of that scale.

I read here on SDMB that in person, Quaid is a grade “A” asshole, and had a theater company in the Pacific Northwest sue him for his poor behavior, saying that he screwed over the entire production with his prima dona antics.

Is this a drug thing?
Does he just feel like he dosent need to pay his bills?
Is he subconsciously upset that he never got to “get at” Meg Ryan?

Anyone know any inside info on what is going on???

PS—While he was in two of my all-time favorite comedies, (“National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “Kingpin”) I think from the reports of his behavior I have heard (both here and elsewhere), he is probably a self centered jackass, so dont try and spare my feelings if anyone is able to shed any light into his self destructive behavior.

So, I guess playing Cousin Eddie wasn’t much of a strech then.

I actually never would have guessed this since he’s been in so many comedies…

He does sound like a troublemaker though.

According to this article, Randy’s wife Evi is batshit insane, or a close approximate.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

So drugs and possibly mental imbalance with a paranoid streak. With Randy along for the ride/henpecked into submission/drinking the Kool-aid.

As for money, no idea what their financial situation is now but they declared bankruptcy in 2000 with $50,000 in assets and over $1 million in debts due largely to violating the first two laws of show business (“Never put your own money in the show” and “NEVER PUT YOUR OWN MONEY IN THE SHOW!!!”; they financed a movie that flopped, the same thing that bankrupted John Wayne, Robert Conrad, Sherman Hemsley and several others.)

He sued the producers of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN a few years ago for more money. He said that he took the role as ranch foreman on the understanding it was a small budget production that probably wouldn’t make a profit and of course it became huge (though this may have been as much a shock to the producers as to him). The suit was settled out of court but he said he was very satisfied, so apparently he got some money there, plus he never seems to be hurting for work.

Maybe he just can’t manage money. Besides which, man-minksare expensive.

In the parlance of his native Texas, “That boy ain’t right.”

To me the Seattle Incident is the most damning. As a general rule actors tend to stick up for each other. When Christian Bale had his famous profanity laden screaming fit on the set of Terminator for instance, most of his co-stars come forward with stories of how “he’s a nice guy” and “he’s a perfectionist, that was extenuating circumstances” or at least “he apologized”- same with almost every other famous damned near impossible to work with prima donna (male or female). Marlon Brando famously trashed Val Kilmer (“mistakes the amount of his paycheck with the amount of his talent” or something like that), Anthony Hopkins said that he’d never work with Shirley MacLaine again and Burt Reynolds slammed Kathleen Turner in an interview, but those made news because they’re the exception (and Brando, Hopkins, and Reynolds have all had accusations of assholery themselves).

The cast in Seattle didn’t do that. To a person they said the Quaids were obnoxious, impossible to work with, and scary. Some of them actually got restraining orders against Mrs. Quaid (which isn’t a pro-forma thing in and of itself). If it were one or even two members of the cast you might think they were hypersensitive, but the entire cast in unison said he wrecked the show.

Yeah, when I read about that (here on SDMB) a couple of years back, it told me that Randy Quaid was probably not the fun, goofy guy I has assumed him to be, and instead just another semi-star who thinks themself to be above societies rules of behavior and decency, due to their “great talent and creativity”:rolleyes:

Too bad, because as I said in the OP, “Kingpin” is one of my all-time favorite comedies, and Randy Quaid was great in it!!!

I would not be suprised if drugs have factored into these most recent problems—Blowing off court dates, racking up thousands of dollars in hotel bills and then just taking off???

Dude, they KNOW who you are, its not like the Marriott Corp. (not to mention the California Criminal Justice System) will just forget about this and let it slide…

I would have tried this myself on Tuesday if I had had any Demerol. I do not see this as uncomplimentary to Mrs. Quaid.

Mr. Quaid still seems to have some income doing voiceover work for Capital One: What’s in your wallet?

I bet his brother Dennis is mortified. From what I’ve read Dennis is a stand up guy and totally has his sh*t together.

Link to the skipped court date story.

More gossip:


Perhaps his shitter was full.

Really LMFAO

Maybe the gas money gave out in Gurnee.

Haha, my In-Laws live in Marfa TX, and we’ve been getting the blow by blow of the Randy and Evi Quaid saga. From trying to start an upscale shoe store and tearing down walls and cutting down trees that are on the neighbors property without permission, to starting a feud with the editor of the Big Bend Sentinel and the local Presidio County Sheriff’s Deputy, claiming he solicited a bribe.

The last I heard was about Evi Quaid’s dog ‘menacing’ my Mother In-Law, apparently she was cool about that though. She got on top of the dog and made sure it behaved.

But generally they have alienated the entire town.

“He said a complaint has been filed against the couple with state plumbing authorities.”

So the shitter really was full.

The man’s got financial problems, what with having to support his son’s career in the circus barking for the Yak Woman, and his daughter in rehab getting cured off the Wild Turkey.

It took me a bit to remember what barking was in circus lingo. That was a weird mental image for those few seconds.

REAL tomato ketchup Eddie?

Nothin’ but the best…