Anyone like "Jersey Girl"? No Spoilers

I’m a casual fan of Kevin Smith, and i realize this movie is more “personel” (sappy) than what his fans are used to. The aspects of his movies i like though are certainly not the stoner jokes or toilet humor…it’s the depth beneathe , the feeling that the movie may have something insightfull to say under all this immaturuty. On top of that i’m a sucker for sweet single dad movies that tug on your heart strings (I liked “Big Daddy”)…So should i see this movie? I havn’t really seen any positve feedback yet and i don’t want to part with my $5 if the execution really isn’t as good as i’m imagining. So did anyone like the movie?

I’m going to see it later today, I’ll let you know what I think.

I saw it a few weeks ago. It is a different type of Kevin Smith movie, definitely unlike Jay and Silent Bob. It still has the funny dialogue that seems to be present in all of his films, but without the crassness.

If you like the sappy father child bonding type movies, I enjoyed and recommend it, although there were some things that bothered me about the film that I will leave those out of this thread. The girl was great (too lazy to look up the actors name) and for once Liv Tyler didn’t annoy me. She was actually very good in this movie. Perhaps it was the roles that she had before.

My wife (not a Kevin Smith fan) and I (a fan) both hated it with a passion. My thoughts are here.

No spoilers? That’s OK, because there’s little to spoil. Plotwise, it’s little more than a by-the-numbers take on the “self-centered Dad realizes that true happiness is at home” motif, one where you can pretty much guess what’s going to happen and how things are going to resolve themselves… does he or does he not make it to the school play on time? What do you think? :wink:

However, the execution of this movie was superb and it was one of the most affecting and heartfelt films I’ve seen in years. You liked “Big Daddy”? Despite some cute moments, BD is not even close to being the movie this one is. “Jersey Girl” is worth seeing because it’s honest, honest in a way that the more cartoonish “Big Daddy” wasn’t.

Ben Affleck does a really good job as an out-of-his-element dad, the little girl, Gertie (Raquel Castro), handles herself very well and more than holds her own against the more experienced Affleck and Carlin. Being 34 and a (relatively) new dad I’m dead center as far as target audience is concerned, and any film with dead wives and upset children is going to involve me the same way as “Clerks” did 10-odd years ago.

I will say, that the finale of the movie is possibly one of the most affecting and endearing closing shots I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing:

He’s holding Gertie, looking into each other’s eyes, slowly dancing while the rest of the family is in the background, finishing their dinner. The lights fade and a spotlight slowly forms on the father and daughter, while they dance, the only two people in their Universe. End of movie, roll credits. Damn, I’m tearing up just writing this.

Music selection was excellent, rivalling (and resembling) Russell Crowe’s film “Say Anything”. There’s a damn funny cameo with Matt Damon, and since the scenes involving Affleck and J. Lo. comprised just the very first 5-odd minutes of screentime, that situation never hovered over the movie.

The only off note of this movie was George Carlin. I kept on looking at him, thinking “George Carlin has a St. Francis of Assisi statue on his front lawn”? “He has crosses nailed on his walls”? “He’s arguing the merits of various saints”?

Go see it. But just don’t expect “Jay and Silent Bob” or “Chasing Amy”.

(I also saw “Mystic River” this weekend. “Jersey Girl” was the much better film.)

Btw, I’m 37. I have no idea why I typed in “34”. Uh, my hand must’ve slipped on the keyboard, yeah, that’s it.

Cameron Crowe :wink:

Well i decided to go for it, until i looked up showtimes only to find it’s not playing at my local theatre…arg! I wasn’t aware this was a select cities release. So i decide to go for “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” since i heard good things about it…and that’s not playing either! That leaves me pretty much with scooby doo 2, I don’t think i’m seeing a movie today:)

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