Anyone like Jollibee

A Jollibee opened up near my work. I noticed the sign had been up for a few months before they opened. The sign also referred to “chicken joy”, so I assumed it was a lunchtime chicken place. I had never heard of it, but planned on trying it. The great thing about where I work is that there are always new restaurants and lunch spots that are opening up, and I try most of them. Some even open and close before I get a chance to try. But one morning, I walked past the Jollibee and there was a line of people waiting for them to open. And this was at 7:30am. I then googled it and realize that it is huge around the world. Somehow I missed the memo. Anyway, the lines continue to be ridiculously long and the weather has been crappy so I still haven’t tried it yet. I’m sure many of you have. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks!

That’s a Filipino joint. The menu items look odd, at best, to me, but folks seem to like it.

There’s never been one near me, and having grown up in a very Filipino area, there still isn’t one near there.

There’s been one open close to where I live for years. (I live in a heavily Filipino neighborhood of the Bay Area of California.)

Their fried chicken is very good. They have an Aloha Burger that includes a slice of pineapple. It’s worth trying once, you may or may not like it. Other than that, meh.

I’ve tried it twice since it opened near me.
The spaghetti is ultra sweet kid style. The chicken is ok I guess but we are blessed with world class fried chicken here in Chicago. A perfect example of “food you grew up eating” bias.

That’s my fear too, since I have many Korean Fried Chicken places near me. Now those guys know how to make some fried chicken! That said, will definitely check it out when the lines die down.

Jollibee started out as a burger joint, so I’m somewhat amused that it’s touted as the “Home of Chicken Joy” in foreign lands. It’s a fast food restaurant, so it should be compared to the likes of McDonald’s and KFC; temper your expectations accordingly. Here in the homeland of Jollibee it’s definitely beating out those foreign fast foods. If you want a more Filipino food from Jollibee, order the pancit palabok.

ETA: The Aloha Burger is something you can’t get in the Philippines. That originated in Los Angeles, I believe. (Seriously, who puts pineapple in a burger?)

Are you able to get the hashbrown cheeseburger here in the states? Instead of buns, they use two hashbrowns. That was the only thing I ever really liked at Jollibee.

Now Andok’s, on the other hand, I’d be excited about.

Doesn’t look they carry hash browns here. Their breakfasts here appear to be served with rice…

Rather coincidentally, CNBC just posted this video feature on Jollibee vs McDonald’s:

Thanks, I feel a lot smarter about Jollibee. BTW, that New York location is the one by my work. It is not quite “in the heart of Times Square” as they described it. I still haven”t tried it but will soon.

Hawaiians. Didn’t the “Aloha” give it away? Or at least any food with added pineapple is called Hawaiian. Hawaiian burgers. Hawaiian pizza. And pineapple works great with most foods most of the time.

There’s a place in DC that has a burger with hash browns instead of buns, but it isn’t part of a chain.

The pineapple is indigenous to South America, possibly originating around Paraguay and southern Brazil. Some say the Spanish introduced it to Hawai’i. (They certainly introduced it to the Philippines.) Regardless, it didn’t take off in the islands until Dole and Del Monte established plantations on Oahu in the early 20th century. I blame Big Farming.

Well, we live in the 21st century. For the last 100 years in America, pineapple and Hawaii have been synonymous in popular culture. Nothing else counts when talking about “Aloha Burgers.”

Ironically, Dole shut down most of their Hawaiian operations and Del Monte pulled out completely.

And the Wright Company no longer makes aircraft and General Electric no longer makes light bulbs.

Just like they shut down the Hawaiian Kingdom!

(I guess that was the cousin of the Dole founder. Fruit companies are nasty business though).

Tried it when I was in the Philippines twice, in two very different locations. Not a fan. Certainly wouldn’t wait on line to eat it here at one of their NYC locations.

Here are some folks who braved the crowds to visit the Jollibee Manhattan location during the first week:
Those prices are insane; $7.50 for 2 pc Chickenjoy. For about the same price I can get an 8 pc bucket Chickenjoy in Manila.

[Apparently I was wrong earlier. You can now get an Aloha Burger in the Philippines. It’s been a while since I’ve actually been to a Jollibee.]