I just found out Long John silvers has a sunday buffet option

Noice. I love their fish, chicken and hush puppies. I intend to gorge myself tomorrow.

I wonder if this is a permanent thing or a seasonal thing.

Not to rain on your parade, but Long John Silver’s has got to be the least healthy fast food around. And that’s saying something.

I’ll take my chances.

Our local doesn’t have a buffet but you can get an all you can eat option for fish, chicken, fries, hush puppies and slaw during Sunday lunches.

You’re welcome to my share.

If only they served alcohol, life would be perfect.

Never heard of it. How much?

So, really, they’re the perfect establishment to host a buffet.


Please don’t do it. You have so much to live for.

We had one in West Texas when I was growing up. I thought I didn’t like seafood because of them. Then I stopped in San Francisco on my way to Thailand the first time and had some wonderful seafood. Then even more in Thailand.

Their shrimp is fine. But I do admit the chicken is the best thing they sell, while the fish is lackluster.

The only one we have is a combination KFC. For the longest time they only offered LJS fries with the KFC meals and it was terrible. Whatever the oil or the batter is, I just can’t stand it.

I still resent LJS for taking over the fried-fish fast-food market and forcing out Arthur Treacher’s, which had much better food, out.

Arthur Treacher’s is still around albeit with much restricted locations. So, if you’re on Long Island or northeastern Ohio, you’re good.

Long John Silver’s and it’s off-brand competitor, Captain D’s are truly awful even by the standard of franchised fast food.


Weird thing about Long John’s is I have a hard time distinguishing the fish from the chicken. :confused:

LJS is awesome. I used to live a one-minute walk from one, until it folded and became a Krispy Kreme! Then I lived a one-minute walk from Krispy Kreme, until it, too, folded, and became a Chase Bank. :mad:

I still think of the fast-food establishments, they’re one of the best. The only complaint I have is they are a little saltier than I like my fast food. But, otherwise, awesome. And I’m there for the fish and shrimp, not the chicken (which is good, too, but not why I go to LJS). That delicate batter is just perfectly honed for my tastes.

Best fried fish I get in the US is Chicken Shack, who make fried catfish so good it should be illegal.

Still, LJS is not bad and while I have it less than once per year, it is a very nice treat.

$7.99, available from 11am to 7pm on Sunday.

You pick either fish or chicken (you can only pick one) and then you get as much fish, chicken, Cole slaw, fries and hush puppies as you want.

Its not technically a buffet. It more of an all you can eat option where when you finish you can get more. I’m not sure if other sides are included, I just got hush puppies, fries and slaw. I assume if you just wanted 30 hush puppies you could get that though.

100% worth it. LJS is great fast food.

Captain D’s and Long John Silvers both started at roughly the same time (August of 1969) - LJS in Lexington KY and Captain D’s in Donelson, TN.

While they are certainly competitors - to call one the “off brand” of the other would be incorrect.

For eight bucks, that’s not a bad deal. There chicken is OK. Their fish is pretty good if it’s very fresh, almost finger burning hot. If it sits even five minutes though, I can’t eat it.

I doubt it. Cite?

Even here in Cafe Society, we like facts.

It didnt even make this list:

Now, at one time- in** 2013** -they had the “Big Catch” which was rated pretty bad. But they fixed it, making it 100% transfat free.