Anyone near Blackpool, Lancs?

I am popping over to see my parents in the town of the big tower at the end of this month and I am also going to deepest, darkest Derbyshire for a day.

Anyone fancy a Northern Dope?
I’ll be there from 23rd to 28th October, but Saturday is out for me.

Come on - how long is it since you sqaushed in your parents’ car to go and see the Illuminations? We could go and inspect them, or have a few goes on some of the (less scary rides) on the Pleasure Beach!

Any takers, or will this thread sink like a stone?

Derbyshire, huh? I know of a couple of Dopers who live in the next county…

Yes, I know them, Kal, they are a nice couple.
I do believe I had a scoop or two with them, over here one time!!

Actually, I have to admit I didn’t know Nottinghamshire was next door to Derbyshire; my UK geography is embarrassingly bad. Sorry about that, my old sod.

How far away from Chesterfield do you live?
That’s where I’m going, but if it isn’t too far, you never know, after my Chesterfield revelling…

Drat. I’m going to be at my parents’ house in Burnley from the 31st October to the 2nd November. Looks like we’ll just miss each other. :frowning:

That’s a shame
And I wasn’t even going to ask you to bake.

I believe you. Honest. But Blackpool would have been fun. If you’re going to be in Derbyshire make sure you go to Bradwell, they make the best ice cream there on the face of this planet.

I’d guess around 20 - 30 miles or so. Just a couple of junctions down the M1.

Bradwell, eh? OK, I shall make a note of that. Many thankyous. But is it better than Notorani’s in Blackpool, I wonder?
I shall have to carry out a conrolled experiment!

20-30 miles, you say? easy peasy - I’ve often gone further for a pint!
I had thought about taking the train from Blackpool to Chesterfield, but if want to expand my itinerary and go to Notts, a car would make far more sense.
I’ll have to see what family stuff has been planned, though, before I make any rash promises about going down to see you wilth a car full of ice cream.

I can get to blackpool easy, but I aint never goin to no dopefest.