Anyone noticed that the first part of internet is intern?

Anyone noticed that the first part of internet is intern? It may sound strange, but I’m wonderin.

What is this “internet” of which you speak? Is this related to the “Information Superhighway” they had that article about in People? Man, I love that magazine People. They also had an article “Waldo: Where Is He Now?” I couldn’t really figure out what the conclusion was, though, because it was just a bunch of pictures. And all the people in the picture looked the same. It was very confusing.

I’m moving this to MPSIMS.

I’m just waiting for the obligatory Monica reference to appear…

Oops, sorry, spoiled it for Tracer… :smiley:

Depending on who you ask, there is NO word ‘internet’ it is ‘Internet’ & stands for [okay so not every one, but most do, think so] INTERNATIONAL [COMPUTER] NETWORK

Which doesn’t have anything to do with ‘intern’ right?

Actually, it is quite simple.

See, back when Al Gore was busy inventing the internet, he knew he had a great thing coming. The problem was he did not know what to call it. So he went to his good friend Bill for advice.

You heard it here first, folks. This is how it went down. Umm… errr, I mean this is how it happend.

Handy, where do you get that internet stands for “International [computer] Network?” Are you making stuff up again? Or can you provide some support for that?

I believe the inter-net means just that, inter-net and was originally the standard for linking several nets (Arpanet, Alohanet, etc) together.


LOL, Bear.