When/why did internet become internets?

The title says it all. I notice alot of people post on messageboards or in chatrooms using the term internets instead of internet. I think it’s used humourously but when and why did this start?

The Stupidest Things President George W. Bush Has Ever Said

Aha thanks!

Snerk. Shows how much he knows. Everyone knows it’s now teh intertubes.


iirc these count as “internets”

Though there are concerns about some governments attempting to form a “closed internet”

for example see here:

and a country that sets up its own root servers for name resolution would, in effect, have a separate internet, if I understand it correctly

Click here for a more detailed background. Bush has used the word on no less than three separate occasions.

It’s extremely important we understand it’s not a truck. You can’t just dump stuff on it.

I am certain that President Bush was referring to IPv4 and IPv6 as implementing two separate internet protocols. So, don’t you feel silly now? You’ve misunderestimated him.

I really wish I lived in a country where people also chose to laugh at the abuse of subject-verb agreement in that quote but…well…I don’t. :smack:

Exactly! And don’t forget Internet2. I swear, it’s like everyone on Earth forgot about the time that GWB really hunkered down, studied like hell, and eventually aced his CCIE. :smiley: