Anyone out there going to the San Diego Comic-Con and willing to do me a huge favor?

As mentioned in this thread, I have an object I’d love to get Stan Lee’s autograph on. To figure out my options, I looked up the big ol’ SD Comic-Con, and of course he’s gonna be there. I, however, am most likely not. But all things considered, anyone who’s going probably knows it by now; it may be four months away, but Friday and Saturday are already sold out.

Now, having had an excellent experience dealing with Dopers and favors in the past, I thought I’d at least give it a shot and ask if anyone’s going to Comic-Con this year, and is willing to try to get Stan’s autograph on my graphic novel, either personally or through a trusted third party. (I have no idea if he’s doing the autograph thing there - and more importantly, when - given it’s such a huge con, but GIVEN it’s such a huge con, I can also see that he just might.) I’d be willing to reimburse his autograph fee and pay for postage to send the graphic novel back to me.

All who are willing (or know/trust someone who is willing), please reply to this thread or PM. If no one replies, that is, of course, okay; this is just testing the waters. Thank you!

Couldn’t get tickets in time, unfortunately. =/ Otherwise I’d happily do it for ya. I am not a big comic fan, but for some reason I just like Stan Lee personally, and would not feel at all odd asking him to sign something. It’d be an excuse to say ‘Hi, thanks for being so cool!’.

But if we miraculously get tickets…I’ll at least know how to find this thread again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope the mods don’t mind, but I’m bumping this once. I might try again in two months, although given the sold out thing, I doubt anyone’s mind or plans are gonna change.

It’s pretty tough - I have to find someone who’s both going AND willing to brave the autograph mess. Gah, makes me kick myself for leaving this question fallow for so long (and on the circumstances that made me miss the local appearance). I should probably just take the suggestion from the other thread and write to Pow Entertainment - although all the contact info I see is e-mail, which is particularly easy to ignore. Ah, well, might as well give it a shot, even if that process is a lot less sure than in-person…

Anyway. Hope someone out there who can help sees this!

Yeesh, I go to Wondercon every year (I get in free), and those celebrity lines are crazy enough. Can’t imagine what Comic-con queues are like.

Yeah, I’ve seen photos of the open floors. It’s like a veal pen, except the calves are people, and they’re there willingly. Which is why I admit that finding someone to get me that autograph will probably depend on someone wanting to do so in the first place.

(And I still kick myself for missing my own opportunity. I thought I did all I could to find it, and I still missed it. :P)

Welp, as I mention in my other thread, Stan’s no longer taking mailed in items. So I’d love more eyes looking out for possibilities!

Much appreciated, fellow Dopers!

Dammit Leaper - every time this thread comes back up on the page I open it thinking I’m going to read “Great news! I got his autograph!!”

Ya keep bumming me out :frowning: (altho don’t stop - keep posting)