Best/cheapest way to get Stan Lee's autograph on something?

In case you were wondering, yes, I have asked this before a couple of years ago, but since I recently found out I missed a chance to get what I wanted in person (albeit for a good chunk of change), I thought I’d probe for more thoughts and opinions.

As a joke/completionist challenge at a comic book convention, I bought a copy of the graphic novel compilation of a CSI story, “Dying in the Gutters,” which uses RL comic book industry figures. I decided to challenge myself to get every person who appears in it to sign it.

Many of those therein are frequently invited to make major con appearances, so they are easy. The toughest by far are Rich Johnston (who, as an industry watcher, is less “significant,” and thus harder to confirm and pin down) and Stan Lee himself (not counting the actual CSI actors; I imagine finding Gary Dourdan is pretty hard these days). I suppose I could “skip” Stan in this challenge, since he only appears on three panels in a throwaway joke, but I’m a completist.

My main problems:

  1. He’s a fairly big name, and thus must be selective in his appearances, not to mention the fact that said name attracts a huge volume of mail and requests.
  2. He’s the oldest of anyone in the graphic novel, so my time is much more limited if I want his signature. He was 86 when I first pondered all this; he’s 88 now. Go me.
  3. Because I’m using a graphic novel with other signatures, it’d be much MUCH harder to replace should something happen to it (if I were to use a method that requires me to hand it over to someone else for more than a few minutes). In that other thread I mentioned, people thought that it would be one step too much to make contact, explain my goal, and THEN send the graphic novel, and that if I did it by mail, it’d be better for me to just send the graphic novel in the initial contact. That’s why I was pondering if there was a less risky way.
  4. How do I make initial contact to begin with? By what medium?

Any suggestions on the best way to go about this without breaking the bank and reducing the risk of something going totally FUBAR? Or should I expect to have to “skip” him? I’d love to be able not to, but I know the chances are good that I might have to.

Try and pin down the times at which any Marvel movie is being made and where, figure out when he’ll do his cameo walk on. Profit???

added: the where part…only had the when. For this to work you need to know both…

I got a famous person’s autograph on something once by…

  1. Getting a free trial of IMDB Pro and finding his agent’s contact info.
  2. Emailing the agency.
  3. Mailing the item to the agency, with promise to pay the return costs (it was an international thing).
  4. Keeping in touch with the contact at the agency as the item took forever to be returned. It wasn’t lost, the famous person was just that busy I guess (plus he didn’t live in the same city as the agency so it’s not like he hung out there all the time).

Took a long time but it worked out great!

Did Stan make a cameo in any of the Blade or Punisher movies?

He’s signing things today in Seattle, if that helps. $60 autograph fee.

I have a cousin in the industry who was working with Stan on a project. He told me he could get Stan’s autograph if I wanted.

If I wanted?

So I sent him the very first Marvel comic I ever bought, Fantastic 4 #8, with a nice letter about my admiration for him. I got back the signed comic, an autographed glossy and a note that he was putting my letter up on his Hall of Fame wall.

Is there a but? Yes. The whole thing took so long that I became convinced that I would never see the comic again. That’s with the personal intervention of someone out there.

Leaper, you could try sending an advance letter explaining the circumstances. That would probably work. But you’d have to be prepared to have the comic out of your control for a long time. And I can’t imagine what the consequences might be if Stan were to die in the interim.

How much to have gelato with him afterward?

I looked this up just for the heck of it; he’s at Emerald City Comicon, but it says Saturday only, and $40. Are you sure about this? :slight_smile:

Hrm. How long is “so long”? And what’s the best way to get an address for such a letter as you suggest? Just c/o Pow Entertainment?


I assume.

I’m really easy mate. Okay, if you live in London that helps, but I was at San Diego and Big Apple last year with Avatar Press, I’ll be at WWChicago, San Diego, or NYCC this year in the same capacity, and if you still can’t do it, mail it to me at 8 Robin Hood LAne, London SW153PU and I’ll pop it back in the post to you…

You wouldn’t happen to be the Rich Johnston who writes the “Lying in the Gutters” online comic book column, would you? Since you’re in London, I assume not, but if you are, I need YOUR autograph in the graphic novel too! :smiley:

It didn’t work out that well when Bart tried it on Krusty, but you could try mailing him a personal check…

Well, you’ve got his address; send it along!

P.S. Welcome aboard, Rich Johnston!

To the OP, get a checking account where you get the cancelled checks back, write a check to him & send it to him, he endorses & cashes it, it comes back. Voila! A Stan Lee autograph!


Sixty dollar autograph fee? Wow. I’m glad I got all my Stan Lee autographs back in the 60’s when only a relative handful of people knew who he was.

Uh, why does everyone keep suggesting I use checks when I said in my OP I wanted his autograph in a graphic novel? (AND my thread title said I wanted an autograph “on something,” not just an autograph?) :smiley:

Bumpdate; I’m hoping it’s been short enough a time that this is appropriate.

Ugh, Stan is no longer autographing mailed-in stuff.

I’d sort of thought it might be the case, but at least I know the years I spent between asking this question here didn’t matter, since I’m guessing this has been policy for a while now.

Anyone else got any other ideas/possibilities? This other thread of mine has me asking about San Diego, but if anyone has any other knowledge that would help me, that’d be great!

I attended the Emerald City Comic Con last month.

POW Entertainment! is god awful at managing a line and handling his autograph events in general,
I bought two autograph tickets weeks in advance for $80.
They set my time to meet him for 12:00. I had to wait hours to get the goddamn tickets, then I was told that he would begin my signing at 3:30, not 12:00.
I had to go somewhere. I wasn’t going to devote all of my time that day to the comic con, and I wasn’t going to devote all of my comic con time to a Stan Lee signing.
When I explained this to POW Entertainment through an email they told me that I could only get one item signed, and it had to be an 8X10 or comic, not the two posters I wanted to get signed.
I considered suing them briefly, then I decided that I don’t really want to sue Stan Lee. Also, I have another lawsuit going on right now anyway. Is anyone even remotely competent at anything anymore?
Anyway, avoid this hassle and bullshit.

I’m guessing you registered just to tell this story? :smiley:

Well, it DOES make me feel better about missing my last chance with Stan; no guarantees, after all. Still, my inner completionist is nagging…

Roughly how long did it take? Just curious so I know how long my wait will be…