Anyone out there play Unity of Command?

Casting about for a new game to fill some 30-60 minute slots of free time, I came across and it seems to be up my alley - just fininshed XCOM, and liked it. Played Civ V for a bit, but it takes too long. Also played Hearts of Iron III for a bit, but that takes wayyy too long.

So, any advice from the gamer Dopers? Is Unity of Command a good one? I’ve also been told in no uncertain terms that I need to play Bioshock Infinite.

I’ll probably only get one of the two this month. Which should it be?

Any other games people want to recommend?

That looks interesting. I haven’t played any WWII PC games since the Close Combat series, which I really liked. Can anyone compare the two?

Unity of Command has a demo, at least on Steam. I’d try that first to see if you like it.

I’ve played it on and off. It has a board game feel in that the unit symbols are static and it is turn based. It’s pretty good though. I haven’t played much of it, but it seems that the key to winning is to maintain your supply lines.